What’s important to us

A small agency is a bit like a family and we like that.  We have an office dog that sleeps under a desk and often client presentations are on comfy sofas with homemade cakes, rather than in an meeting room filled with chrome and designer lighting.  That’s the joy of an internet based business: you can run a business where you want to live and how you want to live and still have a global client base and growth of 60% year on year. Meet the people (and a dog) who actually do the work here (although the dog does very little, actually) and find out more about the partner businesses we work with here.

As for clients, we like to think of our clients as part of our extended family.  Occasionally we may fall out or loose touch, but rarely.  Our business has grown entirely on the basis of referrals, recommendations and partnerships, so we must be doing something right.

We have four core values that guide our decisions and choices:

We are open and honest – with each other and with our clients. We tell you the good news and the bad news and we would never sell you anything that we don’t believe will work.

We put people first – but with high expectations of trust and value.   If we trust and value you, you will trust and value us – that way we all have a better time and are more profitable.

We are always learning – we invest in conferences, tools and time to keep up to date with the ever changing world of search.  Sometimes we get things wrong and we learn from that too.

We share what we know – on our blog, with our customers, at seminars, in meetings.  We love to show off what we know and give it away, in the world of search it will be different all too soon anyway.

If you want marketing or techno jargon, whizzy black hat techniques or slick sales, then we probably aren’t the digital agency for you.

However, if like us, you value honesty and integrity, have a big vision for your digital future and don’t mind noisy monkeys, then we’d love to welcome you to our extended family.  Don’t forget to tell us what cake you’d like.

Your privacy and security are important to us too, so check out our policy on cookies and our the terms and conditions of using this site and rest safe in the knowledge if that you ever give us your email, we won’t give it to anyone else and we will only send you our newsletter and other event information if you ask for it.