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Sophie Says Goodbye

Posted in Funnies by Sophie Wells on 27-May-2016 11:37:41

It all began a hazy six-ish years ago on the side of picturesque country road in Somerset, when my mum met Jon, her neighbour. At that time, Noisy Little Monkey was a mere embryo of the spotty teenager you see today and Jon was in a panic. He was selling like crazy but delivering like… well less crazy shall we say and he needed some help. Nic hadn’t quite given up her successful, well paid, fulfilling career in Bristol to join the team (apart from making sure clients were actually billed) so my mum kindly volunteered me for the role of “helper”. She’s good like that.

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b2b Website Design Ideas

Posted in UX by Jon Payne on 26-May-2016 11:03:00

B2B website design is no longer the flailing non-swimmer in the digital marketing pool that it was just a handful of years ago. B2B is shedding its stigma and enjoying a moment in the digital sun. Grab a cocktail and join us on the pool-side, as we celebrate some great b2b website design ideas.

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Local SEO? 80% Of Success Is Just Turning Up

Posted in SEO by Nicola Payne on 24-May-2016 10:30:00

Local and mobile go hand in hand and getting your website to just turn up well for both local and mobile searches is vital. 

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11 Ways To Convince Your Boss Why You Need A New Website

Posted in UX, Posted in SEO by Jon Payne on 12-May-2016 09:49:01

Are you the proud owner of a perfect website? Do you have seamless paths to conversion, with flawless and coherent branding? Do your page load times make you weep tears of joy? Thought not. More likely those ducts emit rather more despondent tears, and you've been desperately scratching at your budget spreadsheet for as long as you can remember, trying to find some wriggle room for a website re-design.

Relax and rest those over-worked nails. Read on for our reasons why you need a new website – and how to convince your boss.

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7 Things Marketers Can Learn From Beyonce's Lemonade

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 10-May-2016 12:18:00

You probably haven't heard anything about it, but this little-known singer called Beyoncé dropped her new album last week and – well, people are pretty excited about it. Can it teach us marketing people anything though? Yes. Yes it can.

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Web Design Agency vs Freelance Web Developer - Which is Right For Your Project?

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Jon Payne on 02-May-2016 17:00:00

You exit, heel-clicking from your manager’s office. At last, the fancy web project you’ve been pining for has been green-lit! Who knew you could be so persuasive?

You’ve got a rough web site brief sorted, you know what you want to achieve and why you need to achieve it. Now to pick your team; web design agency or freelance web developer

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Is My Web Designer Ripping Me Off? 13 Bad Signs.

Posted in rants by Jon Payne on 21-Apr-2016 16:40:03

Like a geeky Bisto kid, I can sniff out a dud SEO and poor web development from a mile off. I’ve worked with a lot of great designers, agency and freelance, over the years but too many times there’s been digital charlatans in the mix. One of the things I’m asked when a relationship twixt client and web dev agency is breaking down is “Is my web designer ripping me off?”. In those situations the answers tend to be stock; “No! They just need a little guidance is all – we’ll help ‘em out”, “Yes – but I’m not sure they’ve realised. Maybe it’s time for a change…” and, occasionally, “Yes. And they’re spending their ill-gotten gains on Jetskis. This must end” 

To make sure you get the website you deserve (and paid for). Here’s the 13 warning signs that your web designer might be ripping you off. 

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Who owns my website?

Posted in regulation by Jon Payne on 18-Apr-2016 17:27:53

You’d think answering the question, “who owns my website?” would be a no-brainer. But, if you’re reading this, chances are you might be in a bit of a pickle.

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Events & Marketing Manager Job in Bristol

Posted in Jobs by Nicola Payne on 18-Apr-2016 11:49:37

WANTED a committed, enthusiastic new Monkey to lead on our events marketing, including developing our gloriously informal and sometimes off beat conference and training programme. We are looking for someone with strategic and commercial understanding to drive this exciting part of the business forward. Could it be you?

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Facebook Instant Articles: A First Look

Posted in Social Media Marketing, Posted in News by Holly Edwards on 12-Apr-2016 14:08:33

Who else scrolls through their Facebook feed first thing in the morning? We’ve all been there – forcibly waking yourself up via that sickly screen glare, scrolling through the overnight updates of your Mum’s new favourite Minion photo, the travel photos from your uni mates who haven’t found employment to be a post-graduation necessity, and – oh look – that girl you went to school with is pregnant. Again.

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