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  • SMX London Discount Code
    Jon’s speaking at SMX London 2015. Want a discount?

    It’s that time again! SMX London 2015 For the last 5 or 6 years, at least one monkey has attended SMX London.  It’s one of the conferences we really rate. At 2 days it’s a big investment of our time but it’s worth it. Pick......

  • Google Mobile Algorithm Update
    Fix Mobile Usability Issues – How To Prepare For Google’s Next Algorithm Update

    What’s so special about April 21st? The anniversary of the Tienanmen Square protests? Iggy Pop’s Birthday? Kenyan National Tree Planting day? (Thanks for that last one Wikipedia) All special, indubitably. But not the right answer if you’re a marketing exec, web developer or SEO. April......

  • Online video 101
    Online Video – A Beginner’s Guide

    Here’s your scenario. You’re at work. It’s a cold crisp Monday morn, you’re just getting comfy at your desk and the soothing aroma of instant coffee is ever so gently caressing your weather beaten nose holes. Just as you’ve brushed the sleep and morning haze......

Hackers gif from giphy

06 Feb SW Mobile Hack Day 2015

Know some budding West Country app devs who want to flex there creative muscles? Tell them to get on down to Hack Day 2015!!! Set up by the lovely chaps and chappettes at SW Mobile group, Hackday is a chance for developers across the south west...

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value of your global presence

06 Feb Digital Bristol Week

Here's the slides from my talk at Digital Bristol Week. I was on the DBW Business Panel discussing The Value of Your Global Presence, in the Engine Shed. Hope you enjoyed it...

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Adapt or Die

08 Jan Adapt or Die – Why You Need A Responsive Website

"It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin The way we browse the web is constantly changing. I vividly remember staring idly at our old enormous CRT monitor circa 1990-something, legs too...

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hiring-sign burger king

07 Jan So You Want a Job in Social Media?

If you are all over Facebook (seriously, it’s so over), are tweet-tastic and could pin all day, then a job in social media marketing might just be your dream job. But how do you get that illusive first break? When we advertised for a search &...

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Marilyn Joy Payne

16 Dec Marilyn Joy Payne

Most of the people who know me will know that I've not been in the office much lately due to the sudden and unexpected death of my Mum, Marilyn. Today is her funeral and is the right time to share what she did for Noisy Little...

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Noisy Little Monkey Xmas Team Photo

09 Dec Xmas Monkey Masks

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! The monkeys have sung, the monkeys have danced and now we want you to become monkeys this Christmas. This year instead of sending out cards (that's like soo00 2013) we're sending out festive monkey masks! Print off and pop them on and feel the Yuletide...

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NLM Want You

17 Sep We need you!

Like Monkeying around on Social Media? Due to exceptional growth (and sadly losing a Payne to Intel – Damn you Intel and helping to fund awesome Bristol Start-ups) we have an opening for a proactive, enthusiastic self-starter who absolutely loves social media. You’ll need to be good...

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25 Jul Tash’s Favourite Free Image Sites

I've previously talked about where to find free images and the importance of images in all of your marketing and social media efforts. That was two years ago, can you believe it? While I still stand by pictures and visuals being a must in whatever you're...

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23 Jun Bristol City Council Seminar Slides

If you attended our training seminar at Bristol City Council on Thursday 19th June, these are the slides: Beginners guide to online marketing from Noisy Little Monkey If you didn't manage to come along but you want to guess your way through them, you're welcome...

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29 May Introducing Digital Buffet!

For 4 or 5 years I've been saying "Noisy Little Monkey will put on an event for people in marketing, PR, web development - be they directors, managers, practitioners, business owners or freelancers." Well, I'm not just talking the talk any more. I'm walking the walk....

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09 Apr How Big Brands Use Social Media – Slides

These are the slides from my talk last night at the lovely Clifton Club in Bristol for the Bath & Bristol Marketing Network. If you have any questions you shout at me on Twitter or Google+ Just want the tools? The tools I recommended were: Birdsong DTT Buffer HootSuite  ...

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11 Mar How to win with on-page content

Looking for easy wins for search engine optimisation? Find out how you can improve your site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) by improving your on-page content...

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11 Feb SID

Thanks for coming along to my talk at Bedminster Down School today for Safer Internet Day 2014. Here are the slides: Here is a link to Ian Lurie's excellent book which gave me lots of ideas: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-UnFun-Parent-Keeping-online/dp/0557456770 Here's a link to the main Safer Internet Day website, which has...

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07 Feb SEO Bingo

Learn the meaning of the most common SEO terms and phrases plus a chance to try your hand at Bingo!...

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10 Dec One Page Website

Choosing to have only one page on your website can have significant affects on your search ranking and can create other limitations....

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14 Nov Digital Marketing Tips for 2014

A few weeks ago I attended Distilled's SearchLove. A two day search feast for the mind. A buffet of marketing knowledge that always leaves me brimming with ideas and an insight into some of the best minds in the industry. What I love most about conferences...

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06 Nov Meet Like Minded People – Venturefest 2013

As part of our partnership with Science City Bristol, we’re speaking to past and present attendees about Venturefest. Patrick Darlington, Director of Yellowbike tells us more about what he is hoping to gain from Venturefest… Name, Job Position, Company/Organisation: Patrick Darlington is a Director of Yellowbike which provides...

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10 Oct Venturefest Bristol

Collaborate and innovate with Venturefest Bristol 2013, merging business tech and key funding to build a better Bristol. Find out why you should attend...

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29 Aug 5 Awfully Bad Websites

There are some truly naff sites skulking about the web, some ugly, some weird and some just plain wrong. Here are 5 personal favourites of mine that fall into at least one of the 3 categories, if not all....

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22 Aug Using Foursquare for business

What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a location based social networking site allowing users to share their everyday activities, such as visits to shops, restaurants and other venues. Users ‘check-in’ to a local businesses, earning themselves badges, points and the ability to use special promotions. What do you...

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