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Auto complete

21 Sep Google Search Auto Complete: Certified 100% Fresh

I've long suspected that Google's Auto Complete feature is influenced by more than just long term search popularity. Now, finally, I have correlation that supports my theory. Sure, as SEO Manager at Noisy Little Monkey I know that correlation isn't causation, but damn it, this is star-studded, action...

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Noisy Little Monkey loves Bison Grid

24 Jun Why We Recommend Hosting With Bison Grid

Whenever we're out talking to people about how they can get their website to rank better on Google, convert more visitors into customers (or typically both), the conversation inevitably turns to hosting. Why? For 2 main reasons: Time To First Byte (TTFB) Correlates With Better Search Rankings In...

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on page seo template

10 Jun On Page SEO Template For Marketers

When you're getting ready to have a new website built, it's simply not good enough to hope that the guy(s) or gal(s) coding your site will have either the time or the marketing smarts to build the pages so that they are optimised around a particular search...

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Google Search Console

22 May Goodbye Google Webmaster Tools, Hello Search Console

Google’s been making a lot of changes of late. In April we had the slightly over-hyped #Mobilegeddon algorithm update, and in stark contrast we've recently seen the stealthy “Quality Update” slinking its way through SERPs. This latest change at Google is nowhere near as scary as either...

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brighton seo

14 Apr 3 Takeaways from #BrightonSEO

They say that Christmas comes but once a year, but for SEOs it comes thrice (you'll get what I mean in a minute, just bear with me) Last Friday Natasha, Lily and myself moseyed on down to sunny ol' Brighton for the first #BrightonSEO event of the year...

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