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WTF is ‘Ethical’ link building?

Has your SEO mentioned the words LINK or BUILDING to you? He’s full of bullsh*t. See why here.

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strange code appearing in google

์— – What is this Korean character appearing in my Google Webmaster Tools console?

Ste spotted a weird character showing up all over the place on one of our client’s sites. Then he spotted it on loads of others. It was everywhere… Find out why.

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Digital Buffet

Introducing Digital Buffet!

For 4 or 5 years I’ve been saying “Noisy Little Monkey will put on an event for people in marketing, PR, web development – be they directors, managers, practitioners, business owners or freelancers.” Well, I’m not just talking the talk any more. I’m walking the walk. Though after an unfortunate coming together of Mr Dog, [...]

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The Ultimate Social Image Size Cheat Sheet

First things first, social networking sites are a royal pain in the bum… Why I hear you ask? They’re unforgiving, capricious and painfully prone to change. What you once naively thought was best practice is all but thrown out the window after any major updates. In particular it seems that optimal image sizes are constantly [...]

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Sallyanne's Time with Noisy Little Monkey

When is a monkey not a monkey?

This noisy little monkey is hanging up her bananas and heading off into the big bad world as a humble human! Read her recap on the last 18 months in the Banana Warehouse

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Tag Manager & Analytics – The Easy Set Up Guide

Setting up Google Tag Manager looks complicated, but is relatively simple. Follow these steps to get started and add Universal Analytics.

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Visits & Unique Visitors becomes Sessions & Users.

Visits = Sessions. Unique Visitors = Users

Google Analytics quietly updates it’s terminology. Don’t worry though, little has changed.

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twitter for business illustration

Twitter for business – How to grow your audience

If youโ€™re looking to find a way to grow your following or try a few new tweeting styles, take a look at these quick tips to building a better Twitter profile.

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A Techtastic Treat – 31 Eggcellent Easter Eggs

At NLM we’ve put together our favourite webby Easter eggs of all time! Enjoy!

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How Big Brands Use Social Media – Slides

These are the slides from my talk last night at the lovely Clifton Club in Bristol for the Bath & Bristol Marketing Network. If you have any questions you shout at me on Twitter or Google+ Just want the tools? The tools I recommended were: Birdsong DTT Buffer HootSuite  

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