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08 Feb How to report the news

It's nearly 17:30 and there's not much to say (apart from that we've launched an optimised website here),  so we'll simply share this comedy genuis with you. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHun58mz3vI] Not totally swearing free....

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11 Dec We Love Pranav Mistry

This is simply a great idea and he's made it open source, so everyone can have it essentially for free. A bit like blogs. Brilliant...

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14 May Make the logo big

If you're a designer of any kind, you've heard this request tons of times and you're going to hear it thousands of times more. This rendition is kinda work safe, but you might want to pop your headphones on. MaketheLogoBigger.mp3 I wish I could take credit for...

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21 Feb The Web Consultancy & Noisy Little Monkey Ltd

The Web Consultancy is pleased to announce it has recently acquired Noisy Little Monkey Ltd. I'll still be delighting in improving the profitability of my clients through Bespoke SEO and Search Marketing, Usability Analysis and general Web Consultancy, which is good. Crucially though, this expansion will...

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