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How Enhanced Campaigns have changed how we think about AdWords

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns look like a great leap forward. But are they? Take a look at the pros and cons with the experts.

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Mobile Internet: 2013 & Beyond

When it comes to the use of Smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices one thing is certain: they’re here to stay.  Mobile internet usage is clearly growing, but how do you know when – or how – to start optimising your website to take advantage of this rapidly growing trend?  The answer is:  Start now [...]

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Crystal Ball

2013 Predictions (Unlucky for Some)

Tis the season to be jolly and I have been spreading the Bublé Christmas cheer around the office for the last couple of weeks (even if Jon has had to put his headphones in a couple of times). While it may be festive and fun at the moment, the new year will soon be upon [...]

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Google's Box of Tricks 2012

Google AdWords 2013: Coming Soon

Google’s Box of Tricks: What’s New In AdWords? Last Friday I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Google’s Box of Tricks presentation in London. The event was put on for a selection of the UK’s finest agencies and we, the masterminds at Noisy Little Monkey, were invited. I leapt at the opportunity [...]

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Setting Up AdWords Campaigns – Top Tips

AdWords is a great way to promote your website to your potential customers, but it can be a bit bewildering to start with and all too easy to spend a lot of money with very little return. Although Google provides lots of  help with some great downloadable resources and training as well as a new [...]

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Retargeting with Google Adwords

Loads of people are talking about retargeting at the moment, but do you actually understand what retargeting is and how it works? Until recently I knew about retargeting and had read a fair bit about how it works but I hadn’t actually taken time to fully understand the potential (positive) impact it could have on [...]

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Google 2011 Revenue By Advertiser

Google Adwords: Expect the Unexpected

Ok.  So I admit it.  Just when I thought nearly 15 years of online experience, including certification as a Google Adwords Professional meant I have been there, done that, I got a bit of a surprise.  It didn’t catch me completely off guard but it did teach me a lesson. After doing anything for a long [...]

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ICO Regulations and Google AdWords

We had a great question this week from a client asking about the impact on AdWords of the recent regulation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on the use of cookies for data collection (also known as e-privacy regulations).  His question was specifically about re-targeting using the Google Display network. If you aren’t familiar with [...]

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Getting a small hotel website to the top of Google

“I got no bookings with my old website and since we’re set up to be an ‘automated hotel’ that was a problem. Since Jon Payne and the Noisy Little Monkey team have taken over and shown me what I need to do, we get 95% of our bookings through the website and our occupancy is [...]

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No 1 on Google and Google Products Search

It’s the leading pool table and if you search for it on Google, you’ll see our client who sells pool tables at No 1 in the natural search and No 1 in the product search. It’s also No 2 in the Google AdWords sponsored listings, which is OK, since we have the majority of the [...]

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