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Linklove 2013

Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Get more than just a link.

Building numerous low quality links for the sake of SEO has never been best practice. Natasha shares her secrets on getting quality and scale.

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Top 6 Tools From LinkLove 2012

In March, Nic and I attended LinkLove in London. LinkLove is an advanced link building conference held by the guys from Distilled, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry, all under one roof to discuss the topic of link building. The conference was brilliant and I loved all the innovative ways in which some of speakers go to, to find links. At [...]

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Stop sign

Stop Link Buying. Stop It Now.

Ever been tempted to buy links? Don’t. It’s now clearer than ever that this quick fix to Google ranking is not only a waste of money, but may even damage your ranking longer term.  This post summarises what’s been happening to link buying recently and explains why you should care about ‘social authority’. In the [...]

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Creative back link development for SMEs

At the Advanced Link Building conference last week one of the things that struck me was exactly how expensive link development can be.   Admittedly, the speakers were SEO specialists working in extremely competitive sectors like gambling and entertainment, but their link building case studies showed that organisations can spend hundreds of thousands on SEO experts, [...]

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SEO Trade Secrets – Writing Good Links

Every quarter I run a seminar Bristol for SMEs and start up businesses called How To Market Your Website. On this course I outline best practice for optimising your website to be found by your prospects using search engines, specifically Google. So on the last course the entrepreneur who runs this Bristol Fashion Boutique asked [...]

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Improve your site’s PageRank with contextual back-links

I’ve briefly touched on this in my previous article on Link Popularity. To reiterate, link popularity is used by many search engines to calculate the importance of a particular web page, and therefore that page’s rankings in the search results. And when I talk about back-links I mean those links from other websites that link [...]

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Find out who links to your site

When I’m talking to people about search marketing and improving a website’s rankings on Google, I often cover the importance of link popularity. As you can imagine, in my working life my words are often met with blank looks. Sometimes the looks stay just that, blank. Occasionally, when I’m doing my job properly the looks [...]

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