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Noisy Little Monkey to Speak at Business Inspired

It’s a busy time for our @MrJonPayne when it comes to getting out and about. Next Friday (8th February) he will be traveling to Frome to give a seminar on ‘Getting the Most Out of Your Website’ at the latest Business Inspired event. The seminar, which will begin at 1pm, is designed to give the [...]

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Noisy Little Monkey Speak at BRAVE

Last week, Jon and Sallyanne ventured outside the NLM office for the day and presented to local businesses about SEO and the Use of Social Media. Topics covered during the Search Engine Optimisation workshop included: ● How Google perceives knowledge ● Understanding your client’s needs and wants and addressing them on your website ● Analysing [...]

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How is Google+ changing search results?

I’m not sure how this will play in the long run, or how it affects the site for more generic search terms, but here’s some interesting screen grabs for the query: noisy little monkey I’ve searched when I’m signed in and when I’m signed out. I think in addition to Google+, my shares on Twitter [...]

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How to use Tweetdeck for business

TweetDeck is a desktop application for Twitter. Like other Twitter applications it interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send, receive, search and schedule tweets as well as view other users’ Twitter profiles. TweetDeck is also available as an App for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and MAC. TweetDeck was recently purchased by Twitter [...]

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Facebook Privacy Tip

If, like me and many others you have business contacts and personal contact all mixed into your friends list on Facebook, you might want to pay some heed to this very useful article: Wired How To: Set Up A Velvet Rope On Facebook. Useful huh?

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Does a blog make a good business website?

Here’s an extract from an email I received last week…. > I need some advice about how to create a website succesfully! at the moment > I can’t afford to get one up and running by a proffessional – and I don’t > think it’s something you should skrimp on – as a website can [...]

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