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The Team

We are beautiful, in every single way (words can’t bring us down)

  • <b>Technically a Director</b>

    Technically a Director

    Jon Payne is the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey.

    Meet Jon
  • <b>Managing Director</b>

    Managing Director

    Nicola joined NLM in 2010 with the aim of putting some organisational structure around Jon’s creative chaos.

    Meet Nic
  • <b>Mobile & Local Search Consultant</b>

    Mobile & Local Search Consultant

    Josh has a beard.

    Meet Josh
  • <b>Creative Director</b>

    Creative Director

    Natasha Baldwin is creative lead, social media advisor and general creative enigma at Noisy Little Monkey.

    Meet Natasha
  • <b>Marketing</b>


    Sophie crept into the Monkey House from next door a few years ago with the remit of helping Jon “get a bit more organised”.

    Meet Sophie
  • <b>SEO Manager</b>

    SEO Manager

    Rising from the frozen wastes of Preston like an avenging angel, Ste's on a mission from god.

    Meet Steven
  • <b>VP of Shaking</b>

    VP of Shaking

    Meet Mr. Dog, he likes squirrels and shaking... a lot!

    Meet Mr Dog
  • <b>Social Media Advisor</b>

    Social Media Advisor

    Slinging pics and pixels to drive engagement for brands, Natalie knows social marketing.

    Meet Natalie
  • Fancy working here?

    Fancy working here?

    We're always on the look out for fun and talented people.

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