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Creative Director

Natasha Baldwin is creative lead, social media advisor and general creative enigma at Noisy Little Monkey.

Often described as ‘she’s the picture gal’, Natasha puts her Media Arts degree to good use by fiddling around with pictures and doing something fancy on Photoshop or taking pictures of cakes. From content and visual creations to social sharing, Natasha will be there putting her creative stamp wherever needed.

  • Loves: A good novelty jumper, free mugs and cake.
  • Hates: Mayonnaise!! Don’t even start me on my utter dislike of this condiment.
  • Most likely to say: Hello and don’t blame it on the boogie
  • Will dance to: Anything, even if there isn’t any music. If you’re lucky, I’ll even bring out my oh so awesome street dance moves!
  • Favourite website: I’ve wasted far too many hours on Pinterest and sites like Topshop and Zara.