Social Media Training

cartoon monkey shouting through mega phoneIf you are dipping your toe into social media or a regular user looking to improve the connection with your audience, a tailored training  session for your business can be beneficial.

So much hype surrounds social media, that it can be difficult to see the benefit of it to your business. It’s not a quick fix and, like most marketing activity, won’t improve your bottom line directly. However, it will:

  • increase the awareness of your brand; building brand loyalty and creating genuine communication between your prospects, clients and the people who use your services
  • build Google’s understanding of your company as an entity, which (indirectly) will improve link popularity. This in turn should contribute to the improved position in Google search results page.

Lots of companies start out using social media, but relatively few use it successfully. The most successful users realise that it’s not a one-way communication (like advertising or a website), but is a two-way dialogue between you and your customers.

Style Guide

Effective marketing using social media is much more than simply Tweeting or having a Facebook page.  Any strategy starts with understanding what you want to achieve and your audience.  We will work with you to consider:

  • what you want to achieve using social media and what success will look like
  • how to write for social media whilst staying true to your house style
  • how to grow your social media audience through great content
  • the risks of using social media in a company and damage limitation.

At the end of a half day session, we will produce a style guide that sets out the principles you will use for your social media campaign, and a clear idea of how to use this important marketing tool in your business.

This training session is suitable on a one-to-one basis or for up to 10 people. We really need the key players of the business here to understand the how social media can help them meet their business goals and we’ll need their input on how we effectively handle any negative sentiment. Noisy Little Monkey have plenty of strategy experience, but we’ll need input from the top woman/man on the nuance.

Practical Social Media

After we’ve worked with you on your brand’s online persona – we can move on to the practialities:

  • how to write content that will get shared
  • finding people to follow and engage with
  • how to use social media tools like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.

After training we like to keep in touch to see how you are doing, and to provide practical tips and updates on social media and how your business can make the most of the changes.