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    • About us...

      Noisy Little Monkey, just like Banksy and the original Darth Vader, was conceived in a back bedroom in Bedminster, Bristol, UK.

      The reason for our existence is simply this: to protect the naïve from spending their money on digital charlatans. 

      Over the past 10 years, we've shone light into dark corners of the internet, tackling bad practice in SEO, PR and marketing in general. When you check out our blog, download our guides or visit our events, you'll see that we're still defending the innocent from 21st Century snake-oil salesmen. 


      Making profit...

      As a service based digital marketing agency, geeky marketing brilliance combined with business smarts is how we provide the most value to clients like you. We don't manage much advertising so organic growth is our focus. 

      Without Google or Facebook ad revenues to rely on, Noisy Little Monkey can only make a profit by ensuring you grow your profitability. We'll achieve both goals by giving you better digital marketing and streamlining your sales process. 



      Smiling is important, particularly in marketing - you're more creative when you're happy and the campaigns that resonate most with the audience are those that make 'em laugh.

      Start work at 20 years old and finish at 66 and you'll spend a little under 100,000 hours working for the man. Neither you nor the monkeys get paid enough for those 100,000 hours to be miserable. Meet the team who'll show you how to start making profit fun.