Experience in the sector is sometimes helpful but not always.  If you can make Noisy Little Monkey better and help our customers make more money, then get in touch and tell us why we should have you in the team.  

Junior Digital Account Executive

BUT before you send us your CV please stop. Think.

1. We do not conform.

We employ misfits and quirky, clever, imaginative people.

Your list of jobs, qualifications and hobbies in 10 point Times New Roman isn’t going to get you an interview.  Read this post for an idea of what we want to see. 

 2. We check shit.

Don’t give it the Charlie Large Bananas and say you single handedly got site X to number one on Google with your amazing SEOs or you built a Twitter following of X million with nothing more than a pithy tweet every 30 seconds unless you have pretty hard data to back it up. Include proof of HOW you did it in your CV and we’ll get you in for a chat, otherwise we’ll think that you (like most of the digital marketing industry) are full of it.

3. Experience is good (not essential), personality is key.

Our people are amazing. Anyone who joins this talent pool needs to be amazing otherwise they’ll dilute the awesome. You might not be amazing at search, social or CRO yet… you might be ambitious and a good learner who makes incredible cups of tea. If your CV is creative and funny and free from marketing bullshit then skills don’t matter. We can teach you those.