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Why Mobile Friendly Design Matters For SEO

Posted in UX, Posted in SEO by Josh Baldwin on 26-Sep-2016 10:30:00

Mobile Friendly Design is becoming increasingly important in the realm of search. As consumer browsing habits change and adapt, so to must your online marketing efforts. That's why I'm here to help you get to grips with Mobile Optimisation and what it means for you business and online presence.

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Do Meta Descriptions Have Any SEO Value?

Posted in SEO by Josh Baldwin on 23-Sep-2016 14:00:00

Meta Descriptions are divisive in terms of importance, some people love 'em, some can't be bothered. If you're undecided on meta descriptions and want to know if they even matter, read on and educate yo'self.

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URL Structure - Basic SEO Best Practice

Posted in SEO by Steven Mitchell on 22-Sep-2016 08:30:00

When you visit a website, the URL is the first bit of identifying information that you'll see. In fact, you'll see it before you even hit enter and make a request to a webserver.  So does your browser, and so does Google.

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Redirects & Error Messages - Why Poor Implementation Will Hurt Your SEO

Posted in SEO by Josh Baldwin on 21-Sep-2016 12:30:00

If you frequent Google's Search Console often you may have stumbled across the crawl errors tab, an extremely important section which for the beginner can go completely unchecked. This blog should give you a basic overview of crawl errors and highlight the importance of best practice implementition and how it can affect your rankings.

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Helpful Personas for Helpfulpeeps

Posted in Inbound Marketing, Posted in Digital Gaggle by Claire Dibben on 20-Sep-2016 16:28:07

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These are all household names in today’s social media driven world. So familiar are we with these giants of digital that when a new social media network emerges to play ball with the big boys, we know they mean business.

Enter: Helpfulpeeps. The new social network built from a collective belief that life is better when we help each other. Wander onto their website and you’ll find a whole community of ‘helpfulpeeps’ asking for and offering their help to people all across the globe. Think of it like Gumtree but with less of a focus on the material gain. Cute idea, right?

Last week, Saf Nazeer (co-founder of Helpfulpeeps) hosted a workshop at Digital Gaggle. We got thirty heads in a room to talk about how to create Marketing Personas and why they’re essential for any business. On the night, Saf sat down with us to talk about the launch of the new social media platform, their journey so far and his vision for the future...

Can you tell us why you decided to set-up the Helpfulpeeps network?

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Why Your Current Ranking on Google is a Key Indicator Of Future SEO Success or Failure

Posted in SEO by Steven Mitchell on 14-Sep-2016 15:30:00

Should I track my website's Search Ranking?

At Noisy Little Monkey, we look at your existing online performance to get a sense of how successful your past efforts have been at establishing visibility in organic search.  By doing this, we get an objective view of how active you’ve been, how active other players in your industry tend to be, how well you rank, what you rank for, and so on. But why?

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Target Like A Boss: How To REALLY Know Your Audience

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Josh Baldwin on 14-Sep-2016 14:55:35

In the world of online marketing it can be really easy to lose touch with your audience - or to not even know who they are in the first place. Josh asked our friend Laura Cox to discuss audiences from a paid digital media perspective.

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How To Build A Sophisticated Mobile Search Strategy

Posted in SEO, Posted in mobile by Josh Baldwin on 12-Sep-2016 14:00:00

Growing Organic SEO & Distributing Content Through Mobile Channels are top priorities for marketers according to State Of Inbound 2016. A sophisticated mobile search strategy delivers both. Here's how to do it.

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Duplicate Content & Why It Hurts SEO

Posted in SEO by Steven Mitchell on 12-Sep-2016 09:00:00

What is it?

Duplicate content occurs when the same chunk of text – typically an article, page content or product description – can be found in more than one location on your website, or on multiple websites.  

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Why Donald Trump Is Your Target Audience

Posted in Inbound Marketing by Holly Edwards on 09-Sep-2016 15:23:29

Yup, you heard us - the Big D-Trizzle is exactly your target audience. He might be loathsome, abrasive, offensive in every possible way, but he’s your audience. He might go against everything you represent, but he’s your audience. He might represent the greatest threat to humanity the 21st century has encountered, but – you guessed it! – he’s your audience.

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