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Is There An ROI Calculation Formula For eCommerce?

Posted in ROI by Steven Mitchell on 12-Jul-2017 15:13:00

As mentioned in Gertie’s previous rant about why ROI in digital marketing is bullshit, any one-size-fits-all ROI calculation formula that you read on a website is always going to be too general to offer real insight. Calculating your return on investment requires you to be very aware of the nuance and context around your business’ framework and goals.   

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What is ROI and Why Should Marketers Measure It?

Posted in ROI by Josh Baldwin on 06-Jul-2017 11:04:00

It’s tough being a marketer these days (well, not tough but difficult-ish). Not only do trends and tactics change at an alarming rate but if you’re new to the game you’ll also be barraged with seemingly unfamiliar acronyms left, right and centre: KPI, SEO, CRO, UX, PPC, TTFB, SME, B2B, YMCA… FFS!! How are you supposed to figure out which acronyms actually matter for your marketing?

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Digital Marketing Talk for RIBA in Salisbury

Posted in Talks by Jon Payne on 23-Jun-2017 08:09:22

These are the slides and links to further reading / watching from the recent talk I gave at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) in Salisbury. Any questions? Get in touch! 

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Why ROI In Digital Marketing Is Bullshit

Posted in rants by Gertie Goddard on 15-Jun-2017 08:58:00

So, according to wise guy Malcolm Gladwell, if you practice a skill for 10,000 hours it is enough to make you an expert at it. Perhaps this is why my 12 year old self became so obsessed with pogo-sticks – because I was actively aware of how much I improved with every hour I spent pointlessly jumping up and down. God, return on investment was so simple as a kid. 

ROI in digital marketing is, however, far more dynamic. 

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Social Media Talk for Trinity Mirror #WDYT

Posted in Talks by Jon Payne on 14-Jun-2017 08:45:52

Here's the slides from my talk at the beautiful Cheltenham Racecourse, 14th June 2017. Useful guides below, social media fans!

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Beginners' Google Analytics - Sales Lead Sources

Posted in analytics by Jon Payne on 07-Jun-2017 09:06:40

Which websites are driving visitor traffic to yours, and how much of that traffic is converting into genuine sales leads? Google Analytics can help you find the answer

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Beginners' Google Analytics - How Do People Find My Website?

Posted in analytics by Jon Payne on 07-Jun-2017 09:06:36

Measuring website sessions by channel is a pretty fundamental KPI for any marketer in the 21st century. If you’re unfamiliar with how to find this information, here's how:

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Beginners' HubSpot Analytics - How Do People Find My Website?

Posted in analytics by Jon Payne on 07-Jun-2017 09:06:29

HubSpot gives a mind boggling amount of information to us digital marketers. If you're new to HubSpot, here's how to find the useful info on which channel is driving website visitors to your site. 

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Beginners' Google Analytics - Annotating Marketing Activity

by Steven Mitchell on 05-Jun-2017 14:47:54

To annotate your marketing activity in Google Analytics, all you need to do is login to your account and look for the little arrow directly beneath the graph on that first Overview page.

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Beginners' HubSpot Analytics - Annotating Marketing Activity

Posted in analytics by Jon Payne on 05-Jun-2017 14:47:50

By adding context about your marketing activity to HubSpot's Analytics, you'll become a more effective marketer. Here's how. 

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