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Social Media Ideas For Solicitors

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natasha Baldwin on 08-Dec-2016 12:02:00

Choosing a solicitor, let’s be honest, is neither a fun nor an easy task. Firstly, there are so many to choose from! Ever tried Googling “family and divorce solicitor Bristol”? Hopefully not, but if you have you'll know there are over 626,000 results. *insert shocked face emoji here"

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Social Media 80/20 Rule: What Is It?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 02-Dec-2016 16:02:00

Some brands use social media as if they were competing in a sales task on The Apprentice, adopting a hard-sell approach as if their lives depend on it, forgetting that, unlike The Apprentice candidates, they’ll be interacting with their customers more than once – or at least they hope to.

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What Does Repurposing Content Even Mean?

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 30-Nov-2016 12:07:00

Repurposing content sounds like a complete cop out. Take existing content, rewrite it a bit, add in some up-to-date stats and facts, and give it a new visual. Sorted. Job's a good 'un.

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Social Media Marketing - Measure ROI in just 4 simple steps

Posted in analytics by Jon Payne on 25-Nov-2016 17:51:15

The 4 steps to measure ROI of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Measure 'Vanity Metrics' for your sanity
  2. Measure Google Analytics Goals from social channels
  3. Measure "Dark Social"
  4. Collect and Analyse the data every month

The metrics measured in steps 1-3 are important but nuanced, so the details of each are explained below. I've spent years refining how to best report on the effectiveness of social media marketing to our clients and have created and shared a spreadsheet (download for free) so you can follow along with the instructions and explanation of various terms in the rest of these instructions.

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Social Media Ideas for Christmas

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Natalie Lam on 23-Nov-2016 09:47:00

The Coca-Cola advert has now been played on TV this year, so it is basically already Christmas. Obvs, I don’t watch TV - too mainstream - but endless Facebook statuses and tweets have made sure I'm aware that (say it with me!) holidays are comin', holidays are comin'....

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How To Repurpose Blog Content For Social Media

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 21-Nov-2016 12:17:00

Producing good quality content is a must for your website. It should be well-researched, it should be relevant to your audience, and it probably shouldn't be boring. But you knew all this, right? Which is why you've written a great piece of content that is now sitting snuggly on your website, happy as the proverbial clam. So: what next?

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69 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 17-Nov-2016 10:12:00

UGGGHHH social media though, eh? Just keeps on going, doesn’t it? Finding new things to talk, tweet and blog about on the daily can have you tearing your hair out, especially if you’ve been in the biz for a while (like us).

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of sharing the same old stuff – a How To guide here, a Facebook giveaway there, an Instagram #tbt there…But the thing is, if you’re bored by what you’re sharing and producing then – guess what? Your audience will be too. Enthusiasm inevitably seeps through what you do, and so too does despondency.

So with that in mind here’s our noisy little list of ideas that you can use to spice up your social media content.

1. Anti-Motivational Quotes

Sharing the same old ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ stuff is boring. Make like our #MonkeySay and share the ridiculous office sayings instead (imposed over traditional Tumblr-esque images from for additional lols).

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Junior Digital Account Executive Job - Bristol

Posted in Jobs by Nicola Payne on 16-Nov-2016 17:36:20

We need a hero!

Salary: £18,000
Contract: permanent, full time with three months’ probation
Location: c/o Aardman, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol

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How To Get More Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 16-Nov-2016 11:03:00

 Facebook, will you please stop mucking about with your algorithm?! You’re making our lives as marketers harder, and you're making people sad.

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The Most Successful Social Media Campaigns of 2016

Posted in Social Media Marketing by Holly Edwards on 15-Nov-2016 11:17:00

Do you know what really grinds our gears? Those publications who release their ‘best of’ lists before the year is out…

It’s that sort of self-referential humour that proved such a hit for Deadpool this year – one of the contenders for Noisy Little Monkey’s ‘Most Successful Social Media Campaigns of 2016’. Not that naming our five best campaigns signifies anything official, mind – we've spent all our trophy money on the Christmas party. Soz.

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