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      11 Best Email Newsletters for Marketers (That We Actually Read)

      11 Best Email Newsletters for Marketers (That We Actually Read) Featured Image
      Published on Nov 18, 2021 by Andy Thornton

      So you probably didn’t think that what you really need to improve the quality of your daily work life and output is MORE EMAILS. While there are loads of email newsletters for marketers that are a waste of time, there are a few hidden gems that will genuinely make you a better marketer with little to no effort on your part.

      All of these are free and vary in length, frequency, and the brain power required to read them. Here’s our top 11 marketing newsletters that we’re actually subscribed to.


      Get a diverse source of marketing knowledge  

      An obvious way to get insight that most people will be missing out on is to get it from underrepresented people in the marketing industry. 

      Marketing as a community has a representation problem: we are overwhelmingly white, cis, straight, able-bodied men, so it’s really refreshing to hear from talented marketers whose voices aren’t given enough airtime. Our two favourites are… 


      1. Azeem Digital’s The Marginalised Marketer 

      This is a new and fantastic monthly newsletter that Azeem Digital has recently started. He uses it to highlight some of the marginalised voices in the marketing industry and promote their insights.

      Not only will you find way more brilliant people to follow on Twitter, but you’ll also get links to their tips and tricks to make you a better marketer.


      2. #WomeninTechSEO

      Areej AbuAli is another marketing industry one-to-watch, and her #WomenInTechSEO community has grown into a force to be reckoned with. 

      It’s a great one for men who can’t be part of the #WTS community but don’t want to miss out on the talent and advice they share. Use it to diversify your event line-ups, keep up to date with who is up-and-coming, and learn from some exceptional women.


      Get the most up-to-date industry news

      The digital marketing landscape changes practically daily, and it can feel like a full time job just keeping up with industry news, social media updates and the latest marketing strategies. These two newsletters are a shortcut to being the most cutting-edge marketer around. 


      3. Tl;dr marketing 

      Tl;dr = too long, didn’t read. This is a really handy summary of what’s new in the world of marketing. It’s daily too, so you can feel like a really important professional who gets the daily digest. And, oh boy, is it full of good stuff - read this every day and you’ll never be surprised by an update in a meeting ever again.  

      You can also subscribe to the specific areas of Paid Media, Social Media and SEO so it’s a great option if you specialise in a certain area or want to improve your knowledge in an area you don’t normally work in. 


      Get inspired and empowered

      It’s easy to fall into the grind of the day job and forget why marketing is actually pretty exciting. The following newsletters are good for stopping you from getting in a rut, staying creative, and feeling inspired. 


      4. Ann Handley’s newsletter

      Less fact-based than the previous suggestions but a whole lot more inspiring. Ann Handley just shares her thoughts and insights on writing and marketing every two weeks. Sounds simple, but her insights are really...insightful, so it’s well worth signing up for. 


      5. Zero to marketing

      Great artist’s steal. Here’s your opportunity to shamelessly copy Zero to marketing’s ideas. This is a monthly case study on how the talented Andrea Bosoni would grow (read: improve in all areas) a brand or business. 

      It’s a great one to skim for inspiration and see if any of his insights apply to your own efforts. He’s very good at what he does.


      Get the latest if you’re a busy B2B marketer

      These are slightly niche newsletters for B2B marketers, but I wanted to mention them anyway because they add value to my work. 


      For overall B2B advice we have...

      6. Marketing Profs

      Also by Ann Handley, this is a brilliant option for B2B marketers who want specific tips and strategies on reaching and engaging B2B audiences. 

      In your inbox 3 times a week, this one is regularly mentioned on Twitter as a super helpful resource. 


      If you’re like most of the B2B marketing industry and obsessed with Twitter, get…

      7. SeoTweets.io

      Curated by hand, Adam Durrant's SEOtweets puts the most popular SEO-related tweets in your inbox. 

      This saves loads of scrolling to make sure you’re not missing out on any new updates on Twitter, and there are often really interesting insights from big names that you would have otherwise missed.


      If you have no time…

      8. Please Advise by TopHat 

      The smallest & quickest to read marketing newsletter around. 

      Run by the agency TopHat, they brag about how you can read it in one swipe, which you can, but it’s still a good value add - especially for hearing about new tools that will make your life easier.


      Get the industry big guns straight to your inbox

      Finally, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to the big names in the industry. These are mainstream suggestions but they’re all popular for a reason - great content. 


      9. Moz Top 10 

      Moz is one of the top tools for SEO - so if you’re doing any SEO relevant marketing (which as a digital marketer, you should be) they’re good people to listen to. 

      This is a ‘semi monthly’ round-up of the top 10 most insightful articles the Moz team could find. Great for some cutting-edge advice and fresh outlooks. 


      10. Search Engine Journal

      Search Engine Journal’s whole business model revolves around knowing what they’re talking about, so they’re another voice of authority in the industry. 

      What I love about this newsletter is you can customise it - you can choose either daily or monthly updates, and you can also select if you want SEO, PPC, Content or Social mailers, so you can ensure you’re only getting what’s actually relevant to you. 


      11. Monkey Mail

      Ok, maybe calling ourselves ‘industry big guns’ is a bit of a stretch, but I want to give a shout-out to our own newsletter. Claire Dibben does a joyful round-up of helpful marketing resources and fun things for your mind and body.

      It’s much more informal than most of the newsletters listed here, and is basically just a fun pick-me-up to make the last Friday of every month that little bit better.  

      And that’s the round-up. Think we’ve missed one? Tag @NoisyMonkey on Twitter with your suggestions!

      Andy Thornton

      Saving clients from bad marketing and design is Andy's MO. He writes helpful blog content on all sorts of marketing topics so that you get the advice you need to take your job by storm.

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