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      11 Resources Every Paid Media Marketer Needs To Bookmark

      11 Resources Every Paid Media Marketer Needs To Bookmark Featured Image
      Published on Jun 23, 2021 by Claire Dibben

      Following his appearance on Business as Unusual the other week, Michael Patten (Data Strategist at Launch Online) shares his go-to paid media resources. If you're responsible for ads within your business or agency, bookmark his list immediately!

      Smart Bidding 


      An important guide from Frederick Vallaeys for those looking to start using automated or smart bidding solutions. You may be surprised at how many different types of bid adjustments are ignored by certain strategies.


      For those already using smart bidding on Google, it’s important to know that the current smart bidding strategies are soon going to be consolidated. This guide from Google explains what to expect.

      The Industry


      This blog post was written by Ginny Marvin nearly a year ago but is still just as relevant now. It covers many themes of where the role of a PPC or Paid Media manager is headed and how our approaches need to evolve in line with this.


      The Clix Marketing blog often serves up some gems that aren’t covered by the larger SEM blogs. They’ve been the source of some very well-timed ideas that have led to solutions for clients in the past.

      Conversion Visibility


      An introduction to Google Consent Mode: Google’s cookie-less solution for their platforms with regards to keeping conversion activity visible now that users have an increasing amount of options to opt-out of being tracked on the web.


      A lot of the focus on the implementation of Google Consent Mode has been around those who use a hardcoded gtag setup to track website users. Simo Ahava has many guides and templates to help those who serve tracking via Google Tag Manager.

      The full picture isn’t quite straightforward yet, but this will put you on the right path!

      Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit - Download your copy of the template here

      Data Accuracy


      I found this tool just the other day! It scans a website to see which pages are missing certain types of Google Ads or Analytics code. This is vital not only for your reporting but for feeding your smart bidding solutions the right data.


      You may already know this one, but for those particularly interested in using tracking within Google Tag Manager to the best of its ability and some of the more niche or confusing features, it’s a goldmine.


      The Analytics Mania blog is great for both solving problems with data accuracy and also exploring new features that come as part of GA4. Articles also tend to have a ‘simple translation’ and a ‘more technical explanation’ too which makes them suitable for a wider range of experience levels.

      Accounts To Follow


      This LinkedIn account will keep you posted about all the new features coming to Google Analytics 4 - handy to keep track of as this will soon become the standard.


      Kirk ‘PPCKirk” Williams now has a YouTube channel. It’s beginning to amass a collection of very well delivered ponderings on the industry, as well as PPC-themed songs (if that’s what you’re into.)


      A screenshot of PPC Kirk's YouTube channelA screenshot of PPCKirk's YouTube channel.


      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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