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      23 Tips For A B2B Social Media Manager

      23 Tips For A B2B Social Media Manager Featured Image
      Published on Aug 7, 2018 by Claire Dibben

      If you’re a B2B social media manager, you’ll know that managing social channels for a B2B company isn’t at all glamorous.

      When you’re up against the likes of ecommerce creatives such as ASOS, Nike or The White Company, your post sharing the most recent B2B eBook you’ve produced on recruitment software isn’t quite going to evoke the same thrill as a post about a flash sale or a new trainer release.

      So, how do you get noticed online? Here’s 23 tips to help you nail your B2B social media strategy.

      1. Basic housekeeping

      Before you even get started on reading this list, make sure your social profiles are up to date. That means things like making sure your logo is current, the branding is consistent and that your website address and telephone number are correct.


      Ask yourself this very important question: why are you doing social media? If you don’t have a purpose or a goal in mind then you may as well just pack your stuff up and leave the office right now. Is the purpose of your social media activity to raise awareness of your brand? Or perhaps you’re using it to drive more traffic to your website? Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s SMART.

      3. Know your audience

      If you don’t know what your audience looks like, how will you know what content they’ll engage with? How will you know what platforms they’re on? How will you know what times to schedule your posts for? Each company has a different audience (we call them buyer personas) and you should get to grips with yours before you even start attempting to improve your social strategy.

      Learn How To Manage Your Social Media In Under 20 Minutes A Day

      4. Video, video, video

      Where have you been if you don’t know how important video in digital marketing is? A study by Dr. James McQuivey found that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. That saves your fingers A LOT of furious typing, no?

      You don’t need a huge budget to start producing video either - just grab your phone and start shooting. Got some video already? Then find out how to repurpose it for social media.

      5. Go live!

      Us humans are fascinated by Real Life. How else can you explain our obsession with KUWTK, Love Island and I’m a Celebrity (just me? OK).

      On a serious note, being authentic on social media is key to growing organic relationships with your audience - this is why Instagram Stories are proving so darn popular. So, why not experiment with live streaming? Doing a product launch? Live stream it. Running a free training session? Live stream it. Having a secret love affair in the office? Probably don’t live stream it.

      6. Keep it real, yo

      “Blue sky thinking is a set of synergies that will push the needles on your KPIs to the next level”

      Try to keep an element of authenticity in your brand. Your followers will switch off if you write.like.a.robot.and.talk.in.boring.corporate.speak. Try to define the tone of voice for your brand and be genuine on social media - this will garner you way more interactions and make your marketing more human.

      7. Engage

      You can’t just schedule loads of posts on your social channels and send them out into the ether and expect a ton of engagement. You need to interact with your followers in order to increase engagement. Check your feed once in the morning, afternoon and before you go home and interact with other people’s posts - leave a comment, like a photo, vote in a poll. Before you know it people will be engaging with your stuff and you’ll have a ton of internet pals (who needs real friends these days?).

      8. Use tools to save you time

      B2B social media can be time consuming if you have a few different channels and need to schedule content for all of them. And that doesn’t include the time needed for monitoring and reporting either. Check out this blog on social media tools that will save you time for links to excellent tools like Canva, OnlyPult and Rival IQ.

      9. Use the rule of thirds

      Don’t bombard your followers with news about your product or service 24/7 - they will switch off - or, worse, unfollow you. Remember, no one cares about you as much as you care about you. So follow the rule of thirds and you’ll get the mix just right.

      10. Get your Twitter timing right

      Don’t waste time posting on social media when your audience isn’t there to read it. Do your buyer personas work 9 - 5? Then they’re probably not reading your 10.30am post (unless they’re COMPLETE slackers, amirite?)

      Followerwonk is a great tool for figuring out what time your Twitter audience are online and when to post your amazing content.

      11. Don’t just repeat content

      I’m stating the obvious here but posting exactly the same content every day is dull and uninspiring. If you’ve got a blog you’re keen to repost regularly, try the following to make your feed look more varied:

      • - Change the copy you post it with
      • - Upload it with a different image
      • - Ask your design team to create an animated video to promote your blog like this

      Go on, spice things up a bit and get some variety in your life!

      12. Experiment with GIFs

      Just because you’re B2B doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with GIFs on your social media. That is, as long as GIFs are something your buyer personas are likely to want to engage with.

      experimenting GIFWant to experiment with GIFs? Here's a GIF of an experiment (like what I did there?)

      13. Look for relevant #hashtags

      If you use Twitter a lot for your business, it’s well worth checking out what’s trending and jumping on board the appropriate and relevant ones for your brand - they’re pretty useful for increasing the reach of your posts.

      For example, is it #TakeYourDogToWorkDay? Take that damn pooch to work and get photographing!  

      14. Grab yourself Grammarly

      No-one likes poor grammar and getting it wrong in the public domain might make you look a little bit silly (it’s OK though - no one’s perfect). But, what you can do to avoid any spelling mishaps is download the Grammarly chrome extension - it automatically detects any spelling and punctuation errors. Hurrah!

      BONUS TIP: If you like the sound of Grammarly, you can also check out Hemmingway App which makes your writing concise, bold and clear.

      16. Post consistently

      Social media takes a lot of time. This we know. But one thing you can’t do is be inconsistent with your posting schedule because you’re busy. It makes you look lousy if you post tons of useful content one week but then disappear off the face of the earth the week after that. Create a posting schedule and try your best to stick to it. 

      17. Keep those eyes peeled

      The ever-changing face of social media can sometimes be hard to keep up with. However, there are plenty of blogs out there which can keep you up-to-date on social media news and updates.

      Battenhall produces a great daily WhatsApp newsletter, socialmediatoday.com does exactly what it says on the tin and you could also follow people like Matt Navarra on Twitter for updates too!

      18. Send an invitation

      Top tip: if you use Facebook to promote your business, when someone you don’t know likes one of your posts, invite them to like your page. They've already shown an interest in your brand so be bold and make the first move!

      19. Play with Pay

      Organic reach on social media is in decline - we’ve written on this topic before - but it doesn’t mean you can’t get in front of your audience at all. It just means you have to pay to play.

      Sprout Social have done a pretty good job of putting together an in-depth guide to social media advertising in this blog here.

      20. Build lists

      If you use Twitter, take a peek at the lists your competitors have built. It should provide some great inspiration for other accounts to follow and interact with.

      You can also build your own lists (e.g. Amazing UK Software Recruitment Companies) so that you can quickly see the content posted by a very particular group of people.

      An example of a Twitter list - list names include 'B2BMarketing', 'Marketing Experts', and 'Marketing Ninjas'.

      21. Monitor and analyse your competitors

      It’s definitely worth your time to monitor and analyse your competitors and their activity on social media. Try using Hootsuite to pull together a list of competitor and aspirational brands, and monitor it every now and again in order to benchmark your own social activity. Try to understand what seems to be working for them (or not) and use it to improve what you’re doing.

      22. Listen

      Use tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to do a bit of social listening. Is someone complaining about their current recruitment software provider? You can target certain keywords within a set geolocation and, BOOM, you could be the answer to their prayers (case in point: see below).

      Blackstar Solutions HelpingBlackstar Solutions noticed we were having difficulty with our phone lines and swooped in to save the day

      23. Measure, analyse and optimise 

      How effective has your social media been this month at engaging your followers? Have you increased your reach and engagement? Do you know what worked well and what didn’t? If you haven’t reported on social media effectiveness before, you can use a Social ROI Sheet. Here’s one we made earlier.

      BONUS TIP: If you use fancy sales and marketing software like us, you’ll be able to tell your boss how effective your social media is at driving traffic to your website and converting site visitors into leads, which is where the real ROI is.

      If you enjoyed these tips and feel like you need more of a hand managing your social media channels, take a look at this free eBook which aims to help you manage your social media in 15 minutes a day.

      Manage your social media in under 20 minutes a day - download the free guide to learn how!

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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