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      69 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content

      69 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content Featured Image
      Published on Nov 17, 2016 by Holly Edwards

      Finding new ideas for social media content can be really hard at times! This is especially true if you work in the arguably uninspiring land of B2B marketing...

      It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of sharing the same old stuff: a 'How To' guide here, a Facebook giveaway there... And  the thing is, if you’re bored by what you’re sharing and producing then – guess what? Your audience will be too. Enthusiasm inevitably seeps through what you do, and so too does despondency.

      So with that in mind here’s a list of ideas that you can use to spice up your social media content: 

      1. Anti-Motivational Quotes

      Sharing the same old ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ stuff is boring. Make like our #MonkeySay and share the ridiculous office sayings instead (imposed over traditional Tumblr-esque images from Pexels.com for additional lols).

      monkey say image

      2. Behind The Scenes Stuff
      What do your brainstorm meetings look like? If you’re brainstorming with pizza and beer, share pictures of the pizza box stack. Be relatable – show that it’s not all boring, corporate work work work!

      3. Interviews With Colleagues
      Your best resources are the people around you, so use ‘em for content. A quick interview – either in written or videoed format – is a great way for your audience to get to know you.

      4. Giveaway
      Nothing gets engagement like giveaways, so give some shit away! If you don’t sell a particular product, a themed prize related to your audience is great. If you need to get to know your audience in order to figure that out, think about building some personas.

      5. Special Offer
      Flash sales or quick buy-one-get-one-free offers on products (if you have stuff to sell) will always get engagement, and they’re pretty good fun to run too

      Learn How To Manage Your Social Media In Under 20 Minutes A Day

      .6. Polls
      One of our best performing tweets recently was a debate about whether the below image is a ‘poly pocket’ or a ‘plastic wallet’. Yes, really. Why did it do so well? Well – cause we know our audience, and we know they’re the kind of people who will find that a) funny and b) irresistible to join in with. (It’s obviously poly pockets.)

      Big debate going on in the office today. What do you guys called these? 🤔 Pls answer, we must settle this. pic.twitter.com/c7wzeQem2J

      — Noisy Little Monkey (@noisymonkey) September 28, 2016

      7. Infographics
      If you ain’t so much with da wordz, but are all about the visuals, stop fighting a losing battle building sub-par blog posts and use your skills to create infographics instead. Pinterest has some great inspiration.

      8. Guest Posts
      Get your pals on board and make them do your job for you, as all good friends should.

      9. Statistics
      How many of your office prefer sugar in their tea? Or perhaps more interestingly, how much did your efforts increase sales last year? You can decide for yourselves which one will be more relevant to your audience.

      10. Data
      57% of people LOVE data-driven headlines.

      11. Ask For Input
      Be honest – say you’re struggling to produce dat sweet, sweet content! Ask people what they’d like to see more of, either through polls, emails or simply by sending out a tweet.

      12. Customer Reviews
      Are people nice about you? Hooray! Show off about it. Share those reviews across your channels. Not only does it give you stuff to talk about, it’s also a great way of convincing prospective customers or clients to come on board.

      13. Case Studies
      Similarly, if you have any tales of times that you’ve done your job really well, talk about them. Remember that what’s standard every day fare to you may well be impressive to people who don’t know anything about your industry.

      14. Slideshare Presentation
      Done any cool presentations recently, for clients or for people in the industry? Put them on slideshare & share away.

      15. Share Tools You Use
      Don’t give away all your secrets (duh), but if you use a tool like Buffer regularly (like we do!) then your audience will appreciate a guide on how (and why) to use it.

      16. Reviews Of Books/TV Shows/Stuff
      It might seem irrelevant, but it comes back to that whole ‘behind the scenes’ thing. Humanise your business with a roundup of what your employees are reading, watching or even cooking. They’ll probably enjoy talking about this kind of thing more than the usual work stuff, too, so it’s easier to produce.

      17. A Recipe Style Post
      Recipe For The Perfect Blog Post: 100g Of Stuff You Already Knew, 100g Of New Information, A Dash Of Inspiration And Pinch Of Procrastination. See?

      18. FAQ Post
      Always a helpful thing to have on your website anyway, think of the most standard questions you’re repeatedly asked and – you guessed it – answer them.

      19. Share Your Most Successful Blog Post
      Reveal which has been your best performing blog post and then explain why it did so well. It’s helpful for your audience to know what you’ve done that’s worked for you, and it’s a pretty interesting insight into your company too.

      20. Random Tips And Tricks
      Throughout our careers we all develop little habits that make our lives easier, whatever they may be. Ask your colleagues for theirs and then share them – either in a list blog post or throughout a several week period with some kind of appropriate hashtag. #MonkeyTips, maybe?

      21. If I Could Talk To My Former Self…
      If you could go back to the start of your career, what would you tell yourself? Write a letter to that person. You can make this into a series with your colleages or employees, too.

      22. Managing A Work/Life Balance
      Who doesn’t need this! Top tips from businesspeople on how to manage a work/life balance will always get people interested, and it stands out from the rest of entirely work-focussed content.

      23. Spotify Playlist
      What are you guys listening to in the office? Get the company to contribute to a shared Spotify playlist and then broadcast it. Inspire people by giving them themes – best albums of 2016, for instance, or something seasonal. Have you checked out the Monkey choonz yet?  

      Cat staring at you

      24. Cat Pictures
      They just always work.

      25. Lists Of Fails
      In these dark times of chaos and uncertainty, when the world cries out for solidarity, hope and compassion more than it ever has, there is nothing better than laughing at other people's fails. List your favourite industry embarrassments.

      26. Get To Know Us
      If you’ve already done normal interviews with colleagues to create content, do a more personal ‘get to know us’ campaign by focussing not on careers but on quirks – favourite childhood memory? Most embarrassing moment? Film that always makes you cry? These more personal questions are a great way of humanising your company.

      27. Webinars
      You’re smart, and you’re good at your job, so if you have a topic you’d like to talk about then try hosting a webinar. Gives you plenty to talk about before the webinar in publicising it, and you’ll likely end up with lots to talk about as a result.

      28. Podcasts
      Mix up your usual content calendar by dropping a few podcasts in! They’re quick and easy to create, and will cater to that section of your audience who prefer to consume knowledge via audio rather than visual.

      29. Events
      If you’ve got an event on the horizon, don’t just leave it in your newsletter and forget about it – talk about it everywhere! Or have a think within your company: could you host an event? We host our own conferences and meet-ups and it gives us loads to talk about!

      30. Periscopes/Live Streaming
      Even if you haven’t got anything in particular to stream, experiment with live video by streaming just a regular day in the office.  

      31. Reaction Gifs
      Everybody loves gifs, and everybody loves a ‘that feeling you get when…’. Relate it to your business and tweet up a storm.


      32. Rants
      Everyone loves angry content, and it’s often a lot more fun to write. So if you’re pissed off about something in the industry, talk about it!

      33. Pranking Your Colleagues
      This is a) easy and b) hilarious. Youtube is your friend for inspiration.

      34. Crazy Office Antics
      We’ve got a whole folder saved for ridiculous stuff that goes on in the office (including a video of Jon throwing three-month old milk out of our second-storey window onto the street…) Your office might not be as ridiculous as ours, but there’s bound to be something.

      35. Downloadable Guides
      We are, as you know, all about the download guides. In fact – why not have a look at this one? It’s all about streamlining your social media processes, and it’s free!

      36. Calendar
      Provide a calendar of cool industry events that are being held over the coming year. Useful for you and your audience – yay!

      37. National Something Days
      Almost everything has a ‘day’ associated with it now, which you can keep track of through www.daysoftheyear.com. National Tennis Ball Day? Excellent – see how long you can throw a tennis ball around the office without dropping, livestream it, job done!

      38. Charity Challenges
      The cinnamon challenge just never stops being funny.

      39. Viral Challenges
      The Mannequin Challenge is a great example – remember when Hillary Clinton’s campaign did this on Election Day? Oh Hillz. We miss you.


      40. Ask Questions
      Never underestimate how much people love being given excuses to procrastinate. Ask your audience questions that they’ll love answering.


      41. Our Favourite…
      Content around office favourites again ticks that great behind-the-scenes box which we know works so well. The office favourite album of 2016, perhaps?

      42. Memes
      I don’t always use memes in my social media, but when I do, you’d better believe it gets engagement.

      43. Pen/Mug/Notepad of the Week
      Pens, mugs and notepads are perhaps the most important things we own in our office and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Honour them appropriately.

      44. Recycle Old Posts
      You are probably already doing this, but if you’re not – WHY NOT?! Look back through your blog at what’s been successful, and keep sharing it! Don’t overdo this, obviously, but if it’s still relevant then brush the cobwebs off that great 2015 content and share again.

      45. Company News
      Watcha been up to? Sharing the wagwan of your office will help your audience to feel more connected.

      46. Photos Of Your Products
      This is really only relevant if you’re selling something, but if you are, don’t forget that the people who already follow you do so because they actually like your stuff! So keep sharing your bestselling products if you’re stuck for something to say.

      47. Tutorials
      Either by video, blog post or infographics, tutorials on how to either use your products or do something that you do are always appreciated. And don’t forget, if you’re e-commerce, tutorials on how to use your product are also a great conversion strategy for bottom of the funnel targets.

      48. Throwback Thursdays
      Nostalgia always makes us emotional, hence the success of the #TBT hashtag. Throw back to your earlier days – look how far you’ve come!

      49. Fill In The Blanks
      Deciding To Write 69 Ideas Here Was A ______.
      Fantastic idea? A massive waste of time? A totally impossible task? You decide!

      50. Who Remembers…
      Again, tug on those emotional heartstrings with nostalgic posts reminiscing about things from your audience’s childhood. Again, understanding the age bracket of your target audience will be crucial here – so get those personas sorted if you haven’t already!

      51. Ask Us Anything
      You can do these on any channel, but if it’s appropriate for your target audience then this might be a cool thing to use Reddit for. ‘AMA’ threads have massively taken off there in the past few years.

      52. Weekly Roundup
      Even if nothing massive has happened, providing an account of what you’ve been up to as a business over the past week lets your audience feel more connected to you and gives you an opportunity to reflect. It’s always nice to look back and realise how much you’ve actually achieved.

      53. Address Negative Feedback
      Are you ever on the receiving end of some pretty unfair abuse? Don’t be afraid to counteract it. If you’re an e-commerce company and people are always moaning about your shipping charges, for example, a blog post or a video explaining why that’s the case is a great thing to share on social.

      54. E-Books You’ve Loved Lately
      If people follow you then they probably trust you, so they’ll trust your opinions. If you’ve encountered any great e-books or whitepapers recently, share them on social (and be sure to CC in the author too).

      55. Links To Helpful Resources
      We get asked a lot about the best free image sites, which is why we put together this blog post. What do you get asked a lot?

      56. Link To Your Other Social Channels
      If you’re having massive success on Twitter but not so much on Pinterest, then share a link to your more interesting Pinterest boards on Twitter.

      57. Industry Predictions & Trends
      Who wouldn’t love to see into the future? List your predictions for industry trends over the coming period and, once it’s over, have a look back to see if you were right.

      58. Caption This
      Mr Dog sat on Gertie in beanbag

      59. Gift Ideas For Your Industry
      It’s that time of year, folks! From November onwards it is 100% cool to talk about nothing but Christmas all day long, and a gift guide for people who do what you do is sure to get the clicks.

      60. Day In The Life
      What does the average day in the life of your employee look like? Or your client? Or even you? Document it in a blog post for a behind-the-scenes social media peek.

      61. Desk Shares
      In this modern age, nosing around someone’s desk is like nosing through their bedroom drawer. Perfect Instagram fodder.

      62. Welcoming New Employees
      If you’re welcoming any newbies on board, get it on da sosh! We at Noisy Little Monkey do not condone hazing (mostly).

      63. Employee Profiles
      You’ve got an ‘about us’ page with employee profiles, right? Ours is one of our most-viewed pages (probably because we’re just so gosh darn pretty) so if you have one, share the individual pages with a kind of – ‘Meet our Creative Director, Tash!’ – type headline.

      64. Awards
      Won any awards? Talk about it!

      65. Sneak Peeks
      Don’t give away your upcoming secrets, but any sneak peeks of future plans will be great. If you design anything as part of your work, take a snap of a corner and share it!

      66. Partner Spotlights
      If you ever work closely with any other businesses, do a spotlight on them! Not only is it just a nice thing to do, they’ll probably share it on their own accounts and – boom. Whole new audience. Plus, they might even return the favour.

      67. #FollowFriday, #WednesdayWisdom, #CharityTuesday, #MondayMotivation…
      There’s a hashtag for pretty much every day of the week (except Thursday – is there a Thursday one?), so that’s four easy wins for your week.

      68. Giving Thanks
      Give your audience the warm fuzzies by saying a random thank you! It could be to your customers for their custom, your partners for their assistance or your employees for doing their job. Either way, it’s always a lovely thing to do.

      69. Weather Based Content

      Anyone else in #Bristol digging the #heatwave? 🌞🌞🌞 pic.twitter.com/YmYgQwSs7T

      — Noisy Little Monkey (@noisymonkey) September 13, 2016

      What – are you STILL READING?!?!?! Congrats for making it to the end of this list. If you give any of these a go, let us know how you get on over on Twitter.

      Looking to save time with your social media strategy so that you can implement all these lovely, lovely ideas? You can supercharge your social by downloading the free PDF below.
      Manage your social media in under 20 minutes a day - download the free guide to learn how!

      Holly Edwards

      Holly is the long form content specialist at Noisy Little Monkey. She blogs about content marketing and cats. And gifs.

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