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      7 Tips To Help You Increase Your Facebook Group Engagement

      7 Tips To Help You Increase Your Facebook Group Engagement Featured Image
      Published on Mar 24, 2020 by Izzy Green

      Having a Facebook group for your business is a great way to form meaningful relationships with your customers. However, without a little bit of effort and TLC, sometimes these groups can go stale and what you end up with is the social media marketing equivalent of tumbleweed rolling across the screen in a western. So the question is, how do you keep your Facebook group thriving and your customers engaged?

      Here's 7 easy tips that will help you increase your Facebook group engagement and peak interest from your group members.

      1. Respond to everything

      The whole appeal of a Facebook group for business is that it enables you to break down that wall between your brand and your customer. To put it simply, people want to actually hear from you! Liking and replying to customer comments on your posts shows them that there are actual humans behind the business, and that you are interested in what they have to say. 

      So, if someone asks a question, give them a good answer. If someone posts a complimentary comment, or a witty quip, at least react to it with an emoji. Do not leave any stone unturned - it’s all about giving the people what they want.

      Screenshot of all the Facebook reactionsEven an emoji can go a long way...

      2. Post a welcome video for new members

      In the same way your customers want to speak to actual people, they want to see who you are too! A recent study from Sprout Social suggests that customers are keen to learn more about the brands they are buying from. A welcome video from the brand admin is a great way to show a friendly face to new members, and also help new members get to know what the group is for.

      Don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch to a Hollywood show reel, or a glamorous feature video. Using a good camera on someone’s phone is fine, and can even give your company more of a personal edge. Or, you can do like we do at Noisy Little Monkey and use a nifty little tool called Soapbox by Wistia.

      A screenshot of the Soapbox by Wistia toolSoapbox is the tool Noisy Little Monkey uses to record video via webcam.

      3. Leverage the power of storytelling through UGC

      Requesting user generated content (UGC) is a great method to get your customers to promote your brand. Asking customers to post about their fantastic experience with your service or product serves as great content to share on your social media platforms. Why not get your active customers to share photos of themselves using your product, or perhaps ask group members for comments of how they have found your service, which you can then  post on your other social platforms? 

      Using your community for recommendations can help drive further custom - bear in mind that 82% of customers read reviews from other customers about a brand they wish to purchase from! So, whether you’re selling a product, or a service to other brands, using UGC on your social media is a sure way to create more authenticity and build more trust with prospective customers. 

      If you’re worried about a way to get group members to provide their own content, why not offer them something in return? Give them the chance of winning a free product, or offer them a discount on their next purchase. 

      Social media tool Buffer uses UGC in an interesting way... It asks its users to use the hashtag #BufferCommunity so that it can collect customers photos to share on its Instagram channel. 

      #BufferCommunity InstagramAn example of the #BufferCommunity hashtag in action.

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      4. Reward key contributors

      Obviously you’ll go some ways to attract all customers with promotions and discounts on different social platforms, so you’ll need to show your group members that they are even more special. Giving your group exclusive promotions is a great way to spread the love and show them that you care. By making them feel like a VIP, and laying down that red carpet; they’ll be sure to participate even more.

      Why not reward your biggest fans within the group? You might have members in the group that are way more engaged than others, how can you reward these active members and show them that you appreciate their contribution? You could ask them what their favourite product is and send it to them for free, or give them a generous discount code to use - they’re sure to post about this too!

      If these members are really active, you could even ask them to become a moderator for the page, or at least a contributor. Now, this may seem like a lot of extra work for them, but if they are posting anyway (with no rewards), it’s definitely worth an ask if you’re dropping them some extra discount or freebies.

      5. Post polls, surveys and quizzes

      You might have great content to post, but are you giving your customers anything that they can really interact with? On Facebook you can add polls, survey people, and even create short quizzes that will give your group members something that they can participate in. These are great ways to break up people's newsfeed from the numerous status updates, memes and baby pictures that they’re scrolling through.

      Oakfurniture Land ScreenshotAn example of a poll from Oak Furnitureland

      This type of content can also give you and your company some great insight into what people are really interested in which can inform your marketing strategy moving forward - it really is a win-win!

      6. Ask for help and post questions

      “What’s your favourite product?” 

      “What would you like to see next?”

      “What’s your opinion on... ?”

      “Share your advice with the group on…” 

      Treat your Facebook group like an online suggestion box. Posting questions like these is a sure way to get some great feedback for your products and services, but also gives your customers a chance to speak to you directly and maybe even offer some improvements. People often join groups as a forum for discussion; asking some insightful questions is a great way to drive conversation, whilst also ensuring that your customers feel like their opinions are being heard.

      Screenshot of a post in the Natracare FB GroupAn example of how Natracare use their Facebook Group to spark conversation using the phrase "which is your go-to?"

      Tip: If you find you get less engagement interacting as a brand account, why not try to engage people in conversation using your personal Facebook account?

      7. Make sure members have notifications switched on

      If you’re currently thinking, “But monkeys, I AM doing all of this,” and you’re still not receiving any responses from your group, it may simply be that your members don’t have their notifications turned on. They may not even realise this is the case, and think of all the amazing content and conversations they are missing out on! 

      A friendly nudge to your group members to turn notifications on will go a great way to making sure that what you post reaches those who want to see them - but make sure to tell them how to do so, and why they should!

      A screenshot of how to turn on notifications

      Hopefully these tips have renewed your enthusiasm to give your Facebook group another whirl, and help improve activity and engagement from your members! 

      If you’re looking for some more advice on how to sort out your social media channels, but you can’t commit to hours a day on your multiple platforms, the team has put together a nifty guide that shows you how to manage your social media in just 15 minutes per day. Wait… what?! You heard it right. Click the button below to download the ‘Lean in 15 Guide’.

      Manage your social media in under 20 minutes a day - download the free guide to learn how!

      Izzy Green

      Izzy is Noisy Little Monkey's newest recruit. She manages the Monkey's social channels and will whip you up some truly crackin' content in a flash.

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