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      8 Killer Marketing Ideas For Networking Events

      8 Killer Marketing Ideas For Networking Events Featured Image
      Published on Nov 21, 2017 by Claire Dibben

      In a world where literally everyone is trying to market their event or shout about their latest product, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and convince them that what you have to offer is exactly what they want. So - how do you cut through the noise when what you’re promoting is an (arguably uninspiring) business networking event?

      1. First things first: nail your event website's SEO

      Sending the right signals to Google will have a massive impact on the amount of visitors who stumble across your webpage - this is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Not sure where to start? No problem, you can get the wheels in motion by downloading your free step-by-step guide below.

      New Call-to-action

      2. Run a social media competition

      This kind of social media marketing activity is great for spreading awareness of your event to a bigger audience. Why not ask your followers to like and share one of your posts in order to win some free tickets to your networking event? It's a great and simple way to create lots of chatter and a bit of a buzz around your meet-up or conference!

      An example of a Twitter competition to win some BrightonSEO tickets

      3. Blog about it!

      Content is king, people. Whatever topic your networking event covers, be sure to provide attendees with extra information to help them understand how they'll benefit from attending (or what they’ll miss out on if they don’t attend!)

      You can see an example of the kinds of blogs we write to promote our Digital Gaggle events here.

      If you need some quick content ideas, why not try:

      • Writing up interviews with some of the speakers either before or after your event
      • Creating a regular round-up of relevant industry updates (which is of interest to your attendees)
      • Publishing a review of the events you've hosted so far so that potential registrants can see what your meet-ups have to offer

      Once you've written your *amazing* piece of content, make sure you include a CTA (like the one pictured below) within the body of your post directing people to sign up to your next event,

      NLM HubSpot Blog CTA Template 750x250 (3)This is an example of a CTA - if you click it, you won't go anywhere!


      4. Make friends and be social!

      It’s so important to network with people in your industry. The more connections you have (both IRL and online) the easier you’ll find it to spread the word about your networking events. Why not use Eventbrite to compile a list of relevant events for your industry in your area and attend a couple each month? You’ll make tons of connections and you could invite them to attend your first event for free. When you're building genuine relationships with people in your community, they'll become evangelists of your work and your events (assuming your events are mind-blowingly good, which, of course, they are).

      5. Get a killer website

      This is a given. Make sure your website is working as hard as it can be to promote your networking event. Does your site make your event sound exciting? Is it easy for visitors to find out information about the event and why they will benefit from attending? Do you make the path to purchase clear and accessible if someone wants to purchase a ticket? Great! Then you're ticking all the boxes. A good example of an event website which cuts straight to to the point is HubSpot's INBOUND website show below.

      screenshot of INBOUND


      6. Create video content to advertise your event

      You know that video is a big deal now, right? More than three quarters (76%) of users say they have visited a company’s website after watching one of their video ads on social media. If you want to get on the video bandwagon, it needn't be anything super fancy. Just create a short, engaging piece of content (with subtitles if there's people talking) for your social channels and you’ll stand more of a chance of being noticed amongst all the online noise.



      7. Create your own GIFs

      GIFs are a great way to utilise social media to grab people’s attention. Who just writes 240 characters anymore? Yawn! Use GIFMaker to create your own branded GIFs from photos or videos you already have in your assets. The guys over at Thread Events are great at creating their own quirky animated  GIFs to shout about the agenda for their event. 

      8. Email Marketing

      Of course you’re doing email marketing. But, are you doing it effectively? Hopefully you’re using a program like MailChimp to send engaging and personalised event invites to your audience. But, if you want to stick out among the 100s of emails your recipients are being sent each day - you're going to need to STOP THE SCROLL in order to get their attention.

      Start off with an eye-catching subject line and then follow up with some punchy and straight-to-the-point email copy about your event. We're all pushed for time so make sure that once you have your reader's attention, you get straight to the point: use great visual content with a clear CTA which encourages people to register for your (obviously incredible and completely unmissable) event. We like this one below.

      SXSW Early Bird Email Example

      If that wasn't enough info for you, check out the interview we did with Stafford Sumner, the founder and CEO of Jarrang, here.   

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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