A Year Ago I Became a Monkey

by Sallyanne

The New Year – a time to reflect, beat ourselves up about the New Year’s resolutions we didn’t stick to and a time to draw up a new list of things to definitely make sure we do this year.

But for me the start of 2014 marks my first anniversary with the Noisy Little Monkey team.

Last December, as I sat nervously waiting in the Aardman reception with a felt stocking pinned to a cork board (yes I really did bring that along to an interview!), little did I know what the year ahead would bring. And what a year it has been: laughter, tears and a lot of learning.

Would I change any of it? No. This year has been tough in places but I’m part of an awesome team who really know their shizzle and bring a level of creativeness and out of the box thinking that would rival any London based agency.

When I first joined I helped out with ongoing projects and then within a few months I was given one of our largest clients to manage. A task which has taught me so much about managing a full online marketing strategy as well as giving me insight into the engineering recruitment sector – something I wouldn’t have imagined I would be doing. As well as this I’ve gained skills in creating and managing AdWords, providing search term research and gaining confidence when answering questions.

One of the best things about working at Noisy Little Monkey is the level of personal development you go through, sometimes without even realising it. The amount of digital marketing knowledge I have now helps me to grow as an individual but also allows me to provide the best solutions for our clients. There really is a learning and growing culture amongst the team and nothing is impossible.

Sallyanne the Monkey


What am I looking forward to over the next year?

My role is already changing and this looks set to continue. I want to get to grips with analytics and AdWords, both a skill set in their own right, and I’m hoping to tap into some of the analytical wisdom that Nic holds and really start to delve deeper into the numbers.

I’m also hoping to increase the amount of time I spend creating new client relationships by running some of the training programmes we offer. If any of you have met me, you will know how much I enjoy to chat and I’m hoping to combine this with teaching people how to get the most from their online activities.

That’s all folks!

Before I head off to do some monthly reports, I would like to say thank you to the team for embracing me with open arms, putting up with my crazy tights and socks and for opening my eyes to new methods of doing things.

To the clients I’ve worked with over the last year I hope you continue to succeed and to the new clients joining us in 2014 – here’s to having as much fun online as possible with your clothes on!Snowman Stocking

PS. If you were wondering, here is the stocking I brought in as part of my interview. I was asked to talk about a marketing campaign that I admired and I chose John Lewis ….hence the Snowmen! Even though we work online, I chose to do a presentation on a corkboard with printed screenshots to illustrate the link between online and offline activities. Cool? Crazy? You decide :)



Image Credit: Duchamp

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