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A-Z of Biscuits and Digital Marketing.

Posted in biscuits by Natasha Baldwin on 07-Mar-2012 13:57:31

Here at Noisy Little Monkey HQ, we find that we work a lot better when we have a biscuit supply at the ready. So we thought over the coming weeks to broaden our horizons we would try to find a biscuit from A-Z and do a taste and review.
As a digital marketing coming we thought we'd add to the challenge and try to find a way of linking in what we do and how it can help you.

We get biscuits and you get useful tips.

Win, win we say.

Today, the letter A is brought to you by Anzac biscuits and Alt Text.

Picture of Anzac Biscuits










Anzac biscuits are a firm oaty biscuit with undertones of coconut.

The coco-nutty taste put monkey Matt off the biscuit giving it a score of 2/10, while the rest of us quite enjoyed it marking it an 8 or 9.

Also quite favourably it had a good dunk-ability lasting 46 secs without falling into the tea.

With mixed reviews, at this early stage of the A-Z of biscuits and digital marketing, only time will tell if the Anzac becomes a monkey favourite.

Now that we've had our fun, now onto the important bit for you Alt Text.

Jon explains what Alt Text is here, and why it is so important.



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