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8 Killer Marketing Ideas For Networking Events

by Hannah Mead on 21-Nov-2017 00:18:00

In a world where literally everyone is trying to market their event or shout about their latest product, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention and convince them that what you have to offer is exactly what they want. So - how do you cut through the noise when what you’re promoting is an (arguably uninspiring) business networking event?

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VLOG: Craig and Andy's Top Tips For Getting Started With Voice Search

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks by Hannah Mead on 14-Nov-2017 14:26:00

The future of search is voice. In-fact, by as soon as 2020, ComScore suggests that nearly 50% of all searches will be voice searches. With that stat in mind, it's definitely worth investing some thought into...

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VLOG: Stephen's Top Tips For Conversion Rate Optimisation

Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks by Hannah Mead on 09-Nov-2017 09:05:00

In business, it's great to have new ideas; it helps to keep your organisation at the forefront of innovation and means you're not doing the same rinse and repeat stuff for your clients. But, how do you test these new ideas to make sure that you're not wasting huge amounts of money, time and resource on something which might actually be a bit pants?

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VLOG: Ian's Top Tips For Creating Killer Creative Content

Posted in SEO, Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks by Hannah Mead on 19-Oct-2017 08:45:00

Coming up with engaging and shareable content which grabs people's attention is becoming increasingly difficult, especially because the internet is now more jam-packed then ever before! For example, did you know that 90% of all the data in the world right now was produced in the last two years alone!?

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VLOG: Jon's Top Tips For Making Your Site More Google Friendly

Posted in SEO, Posted in Digital Gaggle by Hannah Mead on 17-Oct-2017 12:41:00

'If you don't deliver Google your website and your content within the structure of a website that follows the standards Google likes to see, you're a lot less likely to see your website ranking'. Noisy Little Monkey's Technical Director, Jon Payne, shares three simple ways you can make your website more Google friendly in the video below. Check it out!

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Vlog: Nichola's Top Tips To Help You Prepare For Google's Mobile-First Index

Posted in SEO, Posted in Digital Gaggle, Posted in Talks by Hannah Mead on 06-Oct-2017 12:43:00

Next year, Google's search index will switch to evaluate web pages on a mobile-first basis. This means that Google will rank its search listings based on the mobile version of your site's content (as opposed to desktop as is currently). THIS IS BIG NEWS PEOPLE. Don't panic though, the wonderful Nichola Stott (who spoke at the Digital Gaggle conference in September) has provided plenty of helpful tips in this video so you can prepare as best as possible. Phew. 

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10 Things Google Hates About You(r Website)

Posted in SEO by Hannah Mead on 03-Oct-2017 10:28:00

With 10,000 ranking signals applied to your content, and that number set to increase,  it's easy for your website to become lost somewhere deep in the dark depths of Google (AKA not first page of results). That's why it's vital for Google to get all the right signals from your website.

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Get your hands on #FreeCREATIVE at Digital Gaggle

Posted in Digital Gaggle by Hannah Mead on 15-Sep-2017 11:30:00

At the last Digital Gaggle conference, our friends and event sponsors t&s creative communications gave delegates the chance to win a share of 200 hours of their time FOR FREE. That’s the equivalent of £20k worth of work for nowt. Generous, right?

They loved getting stuck into providing #FreeCREATIVE for delegates so they’ve decided to do it all over again at the conference on Thursday 21st September. Lovely stuff.

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