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Should You Be Paying For AdWords In Your SEO Strategy?

Posted in SEO by Joanne Norris on 14-Dec-2017 12:25:00

The question of whether or not to pay for AdWords as part of your SEO strategy is one that comes up A LOT. I mean a lot. If you’re new to the SEO game and haven’t really come across AdWords before, then hearing the kind of money that can be clicked away before your very eyes as the result of an over-zealous PPC campaign can be a pretty heartbreaking lesson for even the most staunch of characters.

That’s why we’ve had a chat with Nick Livermore, Marketing Manager at SearchStar. They’ve helped loads of businesses manage their PPC and AdWords, so if anyone is going to give you the honest lowdown on AdWords, it’s this lot!

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HubSpot Reporting: Do I Need To Invest In A Better Mobile Website?

Posted in analytics, Posted in Website, Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 03-Nov-2017 12:33:00

It will come as no surprise to learn that mobile web usage has been full steam ahead of desktop for quite some time. Does this mean you should invest in a better mobile website?

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Is My SEO Agency Ripping Me Off?

Posted in SEO by Joanne Norris on 02-Nov-2017 09:51:16

Just taken on an SEO agency? Hooray! Your journey to beautifully optimised website content is about to begin.

At least, you hope so..,

Sadly, dodgy SEOs crop up all the time and if you’re not in the biz it can be hard to know who is ripping you off, and who isn’t.

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How Long Does It Take To Improve Organic Search Results? Setting Expectations For Your Boss

Posted in SEO by Joanne Norris on 23-Oct-2017 09:45:00

Are you reading this blog because you’ve got a meeting with the big boss in 3 minutes and you really need to go in with something? OK, we'll help you out. When he asks, "how long does it take to improve organic search results?", here's the short answer:

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Calculating ROI: HubSpot

Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 25-Sep-2017 16:32:00

18 months ago, we were HubSpot noobs. Now HubSpot Gold Partners, we totally understand that it takes some getting used to - so here’s our painless guide to help you measure ROI.

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21 Questions To Ask A Prospective SEO Agency

Posted in SEO by Joanne Norris on 20-Sep-2017 15:25:00

Thinking about employing an SEO agency? Here’s 21 questions to ask, and the sort of answers to listen out for.

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Google Analytics: ROI Tips to Harness the Power of Data

Posted in ROI by Joanne Norris on 27-Jul-2017 16:24:00

If you follow us on any of the social medias you’ll probably have noticed us banging on about ROI rather a lot (that’s Return on Investment, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention). To help you calculate it, there are some Google Analytics tricks that can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with how to use it.

Even though the formula for calculating ROI is pretty scary-looking (and may induce unpleasant flashbacks to your teen algebra days), it’s kind of a big deal if you want to actually keep track of whether your marketing efforts are paying off.

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