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Junior Digital Account Executive Job - Bristol

Posted in Jobs by Nicola Payne on 16-Nov-2016 17:36:20

We need a hero!

Salary: £18,000
Contract: permanent, full time with three months’ probation
Location: c/o Aardman, Gas Ferry Road, Bristol

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Being Human

Posted in UX, Posted in Digital Gaggle by Nicola Payne on 13-Oct-2016 11:37:00

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

Albert Einstein

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Local SEO? 80% Of Success Is Just Turning Up

Posted in SEO by Nicola Payne on 24-May-2016 10:30:00

Local and mobile go hand in hand and getting your website to just turn up well for both local and mobile searches is vital. 

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Writing A Great Website Brief In 6 Easy Steps

Posted in SEO by Nicola Payne on 14-Mar-2016 17:07:14

Writing a website brief is a necessary evil for most in marketing. Here's how to do it wonderfully.

A successful web brief distills complex information into a short, well-structured document. For a simple site we're talking 2 pages (or 4 sides) of A4, maximum, If you incorporate images or an appendix for tricky technical details, then you might go over this - but the point is that it should be easy to read and understand.

This step by step guide will enable you to write your website brief in under two hours. Sure, you’ll spend extra time locating logos and branding details from your marketing folder, and maybe researching other sites on the web or doing some quick Analytics analysis.  But otherwise, we’ll get the bones of this cracked in double quick time.

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Google Analytics & Data Protection at City of Bath College

Posted in Talks, Posted in News by Nicola Payne on 20-Oct-2015 11:45:04

Thank you to everyone who came to the City of Bath College session on Google Analytics & the Law on 16 October 2015 - it was a fantastic group with some great questions!

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What Is A Domain Name?

Posted in Glossary by Nicola Payne on 22-Jul-2015 14:36:19

What is a Domain Name?


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So You Want a Job in Social Media?

by Nicola Payne on 07-Jan-2015 10:27:16

If you are all over Facebook (seriously, it’s so over), are tweet-tastic and could pin all day, then a job in social media marketing might just be your dream job. But how do you get that illusive first break?
When we advertised for a search & social media adviser role a couple of months ago we got over 60 applications from all over the world. Surprised? We were.
We were also surprised at the quality and consistency of the CVs – come on guys this is social media, not a job in a bank! This is possibly the coolest, most interesting, ever changing industry in the world so if you are going to stand out and get that dream first job there are some things you need to know.

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3 Analytics Reports That Will Tempt Your Boss

Posted in analytics by Nicola Payne on 22-Nov-2013 10:14:09

Your boss loves facts and figures right? With a budget to manage, she or he craves data that will help them make decisions about how best to balance their spend online and offline. Google Analytics can help here, especially if you stop thinking of it in isolation as only about online, and start to make connections with the offline world. These are my top three, out-of-the-box standard Analytics reports, that connect online and offline marketing. Your boss is going to love it!

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Bon Voyage Casey

Posted in Funnies, Posted in News by Nicola Payne on 27-Jun-2013 16:23:45

Casey first started working with Jon as a freelance consultant before we even became Noisy Little Monkey. She’s our Ecommerce Queen not only because she loves to shop but also because of her vast experience of working in an ecommerce environment, helping to set up ebags in the UK. She knows a thing or two about how to present products online, the way website user experience can improve sales and conversions and online advertising.

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Slashed budgets? 3 sane business boosting tips

by Nicola Payne on 20-Jun-2013 17:07:27

We met one of our customers last week who, faced with a whopping 30% cut in their marketing budget, moved more of their spend into digital. A year later, 42% of their customers are from their website and despite the slash in marketing spend, they have 5% more customers than a year ago.

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