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B2B website design is no longer the flailing non-swimmer in the digital marketing pool that it was just a handful of years ago. B2B is shedding its stigma and enjoying a moment in the digital sun. Grab a cocktail and join us on the pool-side, as we celebrate some great b2b website design ideas.

Examples of B2B Website Design

We're always on the lookout for cracking B2B website design ideas (because like Picasso says, it's all theft) so here are a few of our current faves:


zuoro's homepage

We’ve all got horrific attention spans these days so make the information on your website easy to find, dammit! Get your high-level info up-front and supplement it with intuitive navigation to deeper pages with more information on how splendid your business is. Zuora do a good job with this; check 'em out here.

Nudge Digital 

Nudge Digital example

Good marketing is all about solving problems - and B2B marketing is this concept on steroids. It’s not enough to tell folks that you’re gonna fix their stuff; you gotta say how, when and what ROI it will give them. Nudge Digital do this beautifully. 




You might be marketing the dullest product or service known to man, but think of it as a test of your creative fibre. Acme is a great example of a brand that won’t succumb to dishwater-tinged promotional shenanigans. They present a fairly snooze-worthy subject matter in an innovative and engaging manner, without detracting from their point or site goals.



With high-value B2B purchases come inevitable barriers to sale. Addressing all of these in a seamless way is no easy ride. Kiss Metrics and Contently do a great job. Both sites have well-considered, intuitive navigation and user journeys that broach said barriers in a natural, conversational way. 

Taxi Studio

Taxi studio

Bristol-based creative agency, Taxi Studio, get a gold star for their beautifully presented portfolio and interesting variety of blogging and news stories. This is a site with a local feel and a good understanding of their prospect’s interests. 

Answer The Public


answer the public

This is my absolute favourite. A dude cogitating above a search bar? Check. Gorgeous data visualisations? Check. Answer the Public is a gem amongst gems. An entire world of distraction and admiration awaits you.

B2B Website Design Best Practice

  • Generally, B2B website user journeys are more complex than B2C, so keeping usability central to your conversion strategy is vital. Investing in the right tools to track individual user journeys and address any barriers or drop-off points is highly advisable.

  • Talk to your customers. What do they like/hate about your site and why? What could be improved? What sites do they enjoy visiting, and why?

  • B2B sales processes are notoriously lengthy and slllloooooow. What can you do between the point of conversion (contact form filled out, for example) to the sign-on-the-dotted-line? A newsletter perhaps? Or you could even nurture your leads using a marketing and sales automation tool like HubSpot.

  • Consider your prospect’s profile or persona. Don’t make assumptions about their digital nous, one way or the other. Use data or anecdotal insights to support this. You can create your own buyer personas using this template.


New call-to-action

Image Credit: Designed by Freepik

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