Barking? We make no apologies . . .

Posted in Funnies by Nicola Payne

Have you ever heard barking or whining in the background when you are on the phone to Noisy Little Monkey? We may sound like a professional, corporate environment when we answer the phone (all due to Jon's top telephone answering training), but I'll come clean now and admit we have a dog in the office.

Everyone who has ever visited us knows that Mr Dog is a permanent fixture. He barks loudly at anyone who visits, then wags his tail incessantly and lolls about a bit before settling down to sleeping and farting*. And yes, he quite often barks when we are in the middle of a phone call with a client. Sorry about that.

However, according to an article by Business Insider Mr Dog is actually working on our client's behalf. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association say that dogs in the workplace improve employee productivity and relieve stress. So it turns out he is quite useful after all.

You can follow Mr Dog on Twitter @MrDogSays. However, he won't get out of bed for less than 50 followers, so if you could tell your friends to get following him that would be great. Then you'll get Mr Dog's daily wisdom and exploits in less than 140 characters. Cool.

* This may sound like Jon, but he struts, not lolls.

Nicola Payne
Nicola Payne

Managing Director at Noisy Little Monkey, Nicola posts about Google Analytics and managing marketing teams.

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