Be Active, Not Passive. Talk to Everyone – Venturefest 2013

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As part of our partnership with Science City Bristol, we’re speaking to past and present attendees about Venturefest. Joel Gibbard, engineer and roboticist, tells us why you should talk to everyone…

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Name, Job Position, Company/Organisation:

Joel Gibbard

Joel Gibbard, I’m an engineer / roboticist who has created the Open Hand Project, aiming to make advanced prosthetic hands more accessible to amputees. I found out about Venturefest directly from Nadya Anscombe, Communications Manager at Science City Bristol who heard about my Dextrus hand project (pictured) and invited me along to demonstrate my work.

Why do you think events like Venturefest are important to Bristol and the South West?

The South West is a fantastic place for technology and most people aren’t aware of what is available so events such as Venturefest help to increase awareness around the technological advances that are going on in the region.

Increasing awareness and bringing technology projects into focus for people will make them more enthusiastic about technology which can only be beneficial for the sector.

Dextrus hand Project

What advice would you give to someone attending Venturefest this year?

Be active not passive. Talk to people, get involved. Everyone who is there is passionate about something that they do so they will want to talk about it. People at events can be shy to speak up but you won’t get the most out of it if you don’t talk to people. It’s not always easy but the environment will lend itself to chatting and making connections.

What are you hoping to take away from this year’s event? / What are you most looking forward to this year?

Loads of free goodies!

I’m looking for the opportunity to network with people; to make solid connections for potential future funding. My area of expertise is the creative side so I’m hoping to meet with people who can help me expand the business side of things.

If I can inspire people that would be great, but there is lots of cool stuff going on at Venturefest so I’m hoping to see some high-tech, fun products first hand.

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Tweet Joel @JoelGibbard or visit Joel's LinkedIn profile

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