Beginners' Google Analytics - Filtering Traffic From Your Office

by Steven Mitchell

To filter out traffic from your office through your Google Analytics account, you simply need to add a filter for your office IP address.

It’s actually a great idea to filter out anyone who might be visiting your site in any capacity that means they aren’t a real customer who might buy one of your goods or services. This typically includes:

  • Your web developer
  • Your branches
  • Any PPC, SEO, PR or any other disgusting agency types that you tolerate grubby handshakes from
  • Your MD and/or senior managers' home
  • Anyone who works from home on a regular basis
  • Your mum (if she often visits your website)


  1. Finding out the IP addresses of the above is straightforward enough - simply Google “What’s my IP” and jot down the result.
    1. If any of the above are big enough cheeses to have their own IT department, ask one of the IT geeks instead of finding out yourself - they might have multiple IP addresses or something fancy going on.
  2. Go to your Google Analytics account, find the view you want to filter and hit Admin > Filter  
    google analytics filters
  3. Add Filter google analytics filters
  4. You want to:
    1. Create new filter
    2. Give your filter a descriptive name
    3. Filter Type > Predefined Exclude > traffic from the IP addresses > that are equal to
    4. Now pop in the IP address you jotted down earlier and hit Save.

google analytics filters

Put your feet up and have a fizzy beverage of an unspecified brand - you’re a computer genius now.

It’s generally a very good idea to annotate this change in Analytics so you don’t end up on the spot when your traffic dips a bit and someone asks why.

It’s also a jolly good idea to set a reminder for the following day or two, so that you can come back and check that you haven’t made a small error with your filter, causing it to go rogue and filter all your traffic. That’s generally considered to be a faux pas in marketing circles.

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Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell

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