Beginners' Google Analytics - Quick AdWords Fix For Better ROI

Posted in Analytics by Jon Payne

Matching the query searched with the ad content and the Landing Page is a great way to get more bang for your buck in AdWords. Analytics can help identify which searches deserve your focus and budget.

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Navigate to Acquisition
  3. Click AdWords > Search Queries
  4. On the right hand side of the table, click the drop down menu for Conversions and select "All Goals" (or e-commerce if you're an online retailer)
  5. Sort by Goal Completions by clicking the top of that column (or Revenue for e-commerce sites).

If your website is all about getting them leads, here's what your graph might look like:


Online retail? You should see something like this:


Search Query vs Conversion Rate Column

On the left of the table you have the phrases for which people search on Google. Let your eyes wander to the other side of the table and you will see the conversion rate, and how many leads (or how much revenue for all you e-commerce bods) that phrase has driven for your business.

Get more ROI

Looking at those top performing terms, you clearly deliver answers to the questions that your potential customer is asking. You might be able to improve that conversion ratio further - consider setting up specific Ad Groups with optimised Landing Pages for those terms which are already winning.

If there are search terms there which aren't turning into leads or revenue, but in your gut, you know they SHOULD be, then something's wrong with the journey your customer is taking on your website. You can try setting up optimised Ad Groups and Landing Pages for these too - it might fix stuff in the short term. It's also worth taking a critical look at your website, though. Get someone unconnected with your company to take a look, like a friend or family member. Or failing that, get it looked at by some professionals who have a monkey in their logo ;)

Seeing (not set) or nothing at all...?

Looks like you need to fire your PPC agency or give your in-house team some better training. Here's how to link your AdWords to your Analytics - 

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