Beginners' Google Analytics - Sales Lead Sources

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Which websites are driving visitor traffic to yours, and how much of that traffic is converting into genuine sales leads? Google Analytics can help you find the answer

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Navigate to Acquisition
  3. Click All Traffic > Channels > Referrals
  4. Select "All Goals" from the Conversion dropdown menu at the top right of the table (or e-commerce, for retail sites)
  5. Sort by Goal Completions by clicking the top of that column (or Revenue for e-commerce sites).

Assuming you're interested in sales lead sources rather than e-commerce revenue, you should see a table that looks something like this:

google analytics sales leads by referral

What does this tell me?

This is Google Analytics for beginners, so we'll only go into the detail that answers the question "where do my sales leads come from?"


These are websites where someone has found a link to your site and clicked on it, resulting in them arriving on your website.

This report looks at referrers only - if you're looking to see how many sales leads you get from other categories, such as Search Engines (like Google or Bing) or Social Media (like LinkedIn or Twitter) head over to this article: Beginners' Google Analytics - Which Marketing Activity Drives Sales?

Goal Completions

Looking to the far right-hand side of the table, where we sorted the data by goal completions, you can see how many goals are attributable to each source. A goal on your website might be something as lightweight as a newsletter sign up, or something meaningful like a contact form being completed or a request for a quote. Talk with the marketing team to see what they've got set up here.

If there are no goals being counted it might mean that your website isn't working very hard at converting visitors into sales leads, or there are no goals being tracked. 

This download will help you with a strategy to fix both issues:

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