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By adding context about your marketing activity to HubSpot's Analytics, you'll become a more effective marketer. Here's how. 

If you see a sudden spike in visitors to the website today, by the end of this week you'll probably remember what it was that drove that spike - maybe a Facebook ad, maybe an email newsletter or something in the local news. But will you remember what drove all the little spikes and steady growth in visitors or conversion rates at the end of next month? Next year? Of course not. That's why the best marketers annotate HubSpot Analytics with their marketing activity so they can look back and see what had a positive (and negative) impact on KPIs, and modify their marketing strategy accordingly.

In HubSpot, it's not quite as easy to do as it is in Google Analytics, but it allows for a bit more detail and is still a total breeze.

1. Log in to HubSpot
2. From the Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Sources
3. Click the link to Add marketing action, above the graph on the right
4. In the pop up box, add the date, description, and if applicable, a URL

HubSpot Annotation

Once saved, marketing actions can be viewed by clicking the little tick box under the graph on the Sources report.

HubSpot Annotation Detail

It's all fairly self explanatory but sometimes the purpose of the URL can be confusing. We put in the URLs for:

  • Articles published about the company or the team on external sites - we add the link to the article
  • Videos published about the company or the team on external websites - we link to the video
  • Influencers who share our content on social media - we link to the tweet / Insta / whatever
Annotating marketing activity in HubSpot Analytics takes a tiny amount of time, but provides so much guidance as to what is providing ROI (Return On Investment) for your marketing spend, both online and IRL (in real life), that you'd be mad not to do it.

For more tips on how to effectively measure ROI we've produced this guide. You'd be insane not to download it right now.

Become an ROI Master - Download Your Free Guide To Measuring Success

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Jon Payne

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