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To filter out traffic from your office using your HubSpot reporting, you'll need to exclude traffic from your office IP address(es).

Before you begin, don't forget to drink from the orange fountain and offer a prayer to our great leader and the one true saviour - The Mighty HubSpot. 

With the cult ritual complete, we'd strongly advise filtering traffic from anyone who regularly visits your site but isn't a real lead, and will never buy one of your goods or services. This list might cover but is not limited to:

  • Your web developer
  • Your branches
  • Any PPC, SEO, PR or other grubby, bottom-feeding agency parasites that leave sweaty handprints on your boardroom table
  • Your MD and/or senior managers' home
  • Anyone who works from home on a regular basis
  • Your mum

Finding out your IP address is straightforward enough - Google โ€œWhatโ€™s my IPโ€ and jot down the result.  Ask your suppliers/contractors/mum to do the same and send you their IPs.
If any of the above have their own IT department, ask one of the IT geeks instead - they might have multiple IP addresses or something unusual.

Login to HubSpot and hit Reports > Report Settings
Keep scrolling down until you see "Exclude traffic from these IP addresses" - this is the bit we want.
Add in each IP address, seperated by a comma. Careful now - those IP addresses contain a lot of dots and it's easy to miss a comma and create an invalid filter!
Hit Save

Traffic from IP addresses in this list will not be recorded by your HubSpot account. Recline in your chair and enjoy the sweet scent of clean data.

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Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell

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