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Finding sales lead sources in HubSpot is easier than you might think. Here's a guide to finding the right report and what to do with the data.

  1. Log in to HubSpot
  2. Navigate to Reports > Analytics Tools 
  3. Click 'Traffic Analytics'
  4. Scroll past the graph and click the link "Referrals" in the data table
  5. Click the column heading "New Contacts" to sort by that metric.

The table should look something like this:

Table showing traffic sources referrals


What does this HubSpot report tell me?

Referrer column

These are the websites upon which visitors found (and clicked to follow) hyperlinks to your website.

You probably won't see big players like Google or Facebook showing up here - they're handled by a different report. Find out how to access that here: Beginners' HubSpot Analytics - Which Marketing Activity Drives Sales?

New Contacts

This is the number of new contacts that have been added to the HubSpot CRM (sorted by referring site) during the time period for this report. You can change the time period of your report by using one of the dropdown menus above the table.

You click on the number in the contacts column to drill down to see the details of each new contact. This is a great way to see the general quality of sales leads you're getting.


While in the Noisy Little Monkey example above there are no conversions of contacts to customers, HubSpot will collect this data for you so you can see which of the referring sites are generating leads that eventually turn into customers.

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