Vote for Bristol Disability Equality Forum to win £9,000 of free marketing #BigNoise

by Sallyanne
The competition element of A Big Noise for A Good Cause has now closed. The chosen organisation will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ on 28th May 2013.

Disabled people-led equalities & campaigning organisation. Our aim is a world of no barriers for Disabled people.

We aim to change the world for Disabled people...

but you have to start somewhere and our somewhere is right here in Bristol.

BDEF Noisy Little Monkey Big Noise

Our volunteers want to make the city a more inclusive and accessible place to live so we…

  • Raise awareness in local and national media of the barriers faced by Disabled people. Give positive stories to combat the many negative ones.
  • Campaign nationally and locally about political decisions that adversely affect Disabled people. We are campaigning against the cuts in Welfare Benefits including the loss of Disability Living Allowance and the Bedroom Tax. We campaigned for an increase in Personal Assistants wages whose pay hadn’t increased since 2008.
  • Use our expertise and experience to make a real difference. Building relationships with the decision makers in Bristol to give a Disabled person perspective. Using the consultation process to make sure our views are taken into account.
  • Run Digital Story Telling Sessions to help people tell their stories and experiences. We extended the invitation to Disabled Refugees and other people on the fringes of life in Bristol. We advocate for the quiet voice and the unspoken.
  • We actively generate income from equalities and diversity training for Bristol firms and organisations. We really want to develop this area.
  • We run the Rowen Jade Award to celebrate those who whose efforts have improved disability equality in Bristol. Our first winners were the brilliant Young and Free “buddying” and befriending service to help young adult members with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairment to socialise with non-disabled volunteers of a similar age. This year our winner was local campaigner Elisabeth Standen who also won a Gardening Against the Odds prize for her own sensory garden.

Bristol Disability Equality Forum - Noisy Little Monkey Big Noise

Our work has become increasingly necessary in the climate of welfare cuts.
If we win, Digital Marketing will really help us extend our reach. Computers have helped break down some barriers for Disabled people who previously felt excluded. We would work on:

  • Reaching new people and getting their stories/experiences as Disabled people told.
  • Improving our Media profile further to get the good stories out there and show that Disabled people are “worth it” (to nick a phrase from L’OREAL).
  • Reaching younger people and inspiring them to campaign.
  • Continue to show that people are disabled by the environment they live in, not by their impairments. The issues that affect us could affect anybody at some time in their lives. Let’s break away from the “them" and “us”.
  • Grow our social business in diversity and equalities training so we can put the profits back into an organisation that matters.

Bristol Disability Equality Forum - Noisy Little Monkey Big NoiseOur volunteers have a range of impairments, some are obvious, others less so. It doesn't matter because we are here for all regardless of whether your impairments are physical, sensory, learning difficulties or ongoing mental and emotional distress.

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