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18 months ago, we were HubSpot noobs. Now HubSpot Gold Partners, we totally understand that it takes some getting used to - so here’s our painless guide to help you measure ROI.

There’s a helluva lot of information to be had in HubSpot, which could be considered a blessing and a curse - that amount of information can be pretty overwhelming if you’re not sure how to find your way around the place. When you’re dealing with a data-heavy task like return on investment (ROI), you kinda need everything else to be a bit less complicated so you can focus on those cold, hard numbers. 

5 Step Guide To Measuring Marketing Success

Fear not, my good friends - your ROI is in safe hands with HubSpot and Noisy Little Monkey. We've picked our way around all the bright, shiny treats that HubSpot has to offer and picked up some vital tips and tricks along the way, You don't have to go it alone if you’ve taken the leap of faith into marketing automation....

World of imagination that is HubspotYou're singing the lyrics in your head, right?

How do people find my website?

The most important metric to a lot of HubSpot ROI Virgins is figuring out where you can measure website visits by source. This is a pretty crucial piece of information as it means you’ll be able to see how people are finding your website, and from there calculate which of your marketing efforts are paying off and where you should be funnelling dolla into in the future. For instance, what’s the point in spending loads of money on PPC if most of your visitors are coming through organic search (like us cos we’re awesome at SEO)?

Which marketing activity drives sales?

One of the things you might be thinking about when calculating your ROI in HubSpot is which of your marketing activities are driving sales leads. After all, there's no point investing oodles of money into your Facebook Ads if you’re not really seeing any leads from that platform.

How do I find my sales lead sources?

From an SEO perspective all those free range, organically sourced, ethical backlinks are probably helping your ranking - but are any of them directly responsible for sales? Check into HubSpot's sales lead sources report. It's easier than you might think, so calculating your ROI won't be such a headache.

Banging your head in frustrationOuch - that's gotta hurt.

Annotating marketing activity

You might not initially think it, but annotating your marketing activity is really useful if you’re trying to figure out your ROI in HubSpot. Noticed a spike in activity after a newsletter or particular campaign? You recognise it now, but maybe not 12 months down the line…

Filtering traffic from your office

“Look, Mum, we KNOW our website is amazing, but you’ve got to stop stalking us, alright?”

If you’re using Hubspot to help calculate your ROI, you’ll already know that measuring your traffic is an important part of that. But what do you do if your stats are including people that aren’t actually real leads, such as your colleagues? Filter traffic from your office, and anyone else who isn’t a true customer (that means you too, Mum).

Telling my mother she does mean well Sorry mum.

See? Calculating your ROI in HubSpot is NBD. If you need any other help with it let us know and we can use our mad HubSpot skillz to give you a hand. We’ve also got this pretty fancy measurement framework guide that you should totally download....

Download: Measurement Framework Guide

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Joanne Norris

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