Christmas 2016 with Noisy Little Monkey

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Ahhh, office Christmas parties. That special time of year when you're forced to spend your precious free time with a bunch of people you probably don't like, photocopying inappropriate body parts and desperately flirting with your boss in the hopes of a pay rise. Refreshingly, the Noisy Little Monkey office party conformed to none of the above. 

In fact, it was nothing but gosh darn wholesome family fun (until the latter part of the evening, anyway). We could describe how much fun we had, or, we could just show you!


Wasn't that good? Our very own Natalie put that together - what a clever little thing. Feeling inspired to create your own vlog? Cool! If you want some more clever content ideas like this, read up on our 69 Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Content. Once you've done that, download our guide on managing your social media in under 20 minutes a day. Yes. Under. 20. Minutes. Think of all the spare time you'd have to watch cat videos!

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Claire Dibben

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