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      Conference Call Tips: How To Stay Slick On A Video Call

      Conference Call Tips: How To Stay Slick On A Video Call Featured Image
      Published on Mar 26, 2020 by Claire Dibben

      With the UK on lockdown and 99% of my social media feed working from home, I’ve noticed a very common theme: everyone’s taking part in conference calls. With that in mind, I thought you’d appreciate some simple conference call tips to help you look super slick on the next video call you end up hosting.

      Conference call tips:

      • Mute yourself if you're not talking
      • Find the right light
      • Speak slowly and clearly
      • Invest in a quality headset
      • Position your camera at an eye-level angle
      • Be presentable
      • Tidy your surroundings (if possible!)
      • Minimise distractions


      1. Not talking? Mute yo’self

      Some microphones can be incredibly sensitive - this means that they easily pick up background noise and broadcast it to other participants on a call. This can be particularly distracting if someone on the call is trying to share some important info. Just hit the mute button - it’s there for a reason.

      2. Get the lighting right

      Lighting is incredibly important for video calls. If you sit with a light source behind you, you’ll end up as a silhouette on screen and no-one will be able to see your radiant beauty. If possible, position yourself so that you are facing a window or stick a lamp in front of you. The light will make you look gorgeous, dahling!

      3. Slow things down!

      Not every participant on your conference call is going to have access to incredible tech. Poor quality audio leaking out of laptops means that some of your participants might struggle to hear what you have to say, which is why it’s super important not to rush whilst you’re talking. Take time to make your point on the call and speak up.

      4. Get a decent headset

      Speaking of poor quality… If you can, invest in a decent microphone or headset. Logitech does some pretty nifty ones, or you can check out these Microsoft ones which are more affordable if you have a smaller budget.

      Screenshot of headsets available on Amazon
      Some of the headset options available via Amazon

      5. Work those angles

      Position your phone or laptop in one stable spot (don’t walk around, it’s distracting!) and make sure it’s at eye level. No one wants to see up your nose.

      Don’t sit miles away from the screen either - get that face of yours central in the frame and people will engage better with you when it’s your turn to talk.

      6. Be presentable

      Yes, you’re working from home but you still need to look presentable. This is especially true if you’re presenting to clients or a board of senior decision makers. Make sure you haven’t got lunch in your teeth, you’ve brushed your hair and you’re not wearing the PJs you slept in (I know, I know, it’s tempting).

      7. Don’t air your dirty laundry

      I mean this in the most literal sense. If you can avoid it, don’t have mess in the background of your conference call shot - put that clothes horse away, tidy your bookshelf, and smarten your surroundings. Busy backgrounds can be distracting for participants.

      8. Minimise distractions

      Hey, you’re working from home - sh*t happens. But try as best you can to minimise any distractions which might interrupt your call. Why not put a sign up on your meeting room (read: bedroom) door so that your partner/child/mum doesn’t wander in during a very serious meeting and cause an awkward moment? Remember when this *points down* happened?

      Screenshot of the BBC Interview when the toddler ran inArguably one of the best things ever to happen on the news. Image screenshot from YouTube.

      What tips do you have?

      Do you have any tips for conference calling? Share them with us on social!

      And if you fancy putting your video call skills to the test, why not join us for Business as Unusual? It's a weekly webinar hosted by Noisy Little Monkey where attendees get to pick the brains of an industry expert. Hope to see you there!Business as Unusual. Next Episode: Using TikTok To Build Your Business

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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