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      Delicious for Business?

      Delicious for Business? Featured Image
      Published on Aug 22, 2013 by Jon Payne

      Is Delicious a tasty business tool?

      What is Delicious?

      It’s a website where you can save your bookmarks and share them publicly. Other users can follow you to discover cool new content on the web.

      What do you like?

      When you connect your Twitter account, it automatically grabs your tweets that include a link and stores them with the tag “Twitter”. It also converts hash tags in those tweets into tags, so it’s good for going back and finding useful links you tweeted, but can’t find in your timeline.

      I like that you can collect useful links in one place and share them easily, like this: https://delicious.com/jonpayne/digital%20marketing%20resources, without having to do anything other than click the ‘Add To Delicious’ button in your browser’s tool bar.

      What do you dislike?

      Since it got bought by Yahoo! and then again by AVOS Systems (the people behind YouTube) it seems to have stagnated for the last few years. Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ are all prettier resources, even if they’re not as easy to organise.

      The active user base seems to be so tiny that you’re unlikely to generate any traffic from the Delicious site itself, or indeed see better rankings due to a velocity of sharing there.

      Is Delicious good for business?

      Unless you can find a niche user-base who are passionate about Delicious *and* your market sector, then probably not, frankly. But, I've got my account running now… Watch this space!

      Jon Payne

      Founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon blogs about SEO and digital marketing strategy.

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