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      Digital Buffet 2015 Wrap-up: Speaker Slides + Other Scrummy Stuff

      Digital Buffet 2015 Wrap-up: Speaker Slides + Other Scrummy Stuff Featured Image
      Published on Oct 9, 2015 by Josh Baldwin

      Quick links for slides, events & feedback:

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      2. Digital Gaggle

      3. Feedback Form

      The 8th of October was probably the most enjoyable day I've had all year, which is saying something as I spent a day at Harry Potter World back in January... it was awesome. There was butter beer and everything... "How can #DigitalBuffet possibly top Warner Brother's mystical world of Witchcraft & Wizardry?" I hear you ask. Well, it just does.

      1.The venue was superb 2. Nothing went horribly wrong (bar me throwing a small hissy fit before everyone arrived & some dodgy slide shenanigans - which I'll happily take the blame for) & 3. the attendees were decidedly awesome as were the speakers (slides below). After the whole thing was finished, I was left with a genuine warm & fuzzy feeling in my tummy, something that Mr Potter & his wizard chums failed to achieve.

      So thank you.

      Hoopla & Hubbub

      If you missed out on Digital Buffet here's a brief glimpse of the DigiBuff buzz as well as some nice things folks had to say on twitter:


      Also, props to the surprise choir who started singing in the foyer!


      Thanks to Tash for her talk - Why Size Matters

      Thanks to David for his talk - How To Create An Authentic Story In 5 Steps (slides to follow)

      Thanks to Sharon for her talk - The 3 Secrets To Content Marketing Success

      Thanks to Joe for his talk - Websites That Win: Refine Don't Redesign (slides to follow)

      And Thanks to Martin for his talk - Reputation / Brand ? (Martin would prefer if we didn't make his slides public)

      More Free Digital Treats


      If you live in Bristol or the South West there's a bite size Digital Buffet event called Digital Gaggle just for you. Essentially it's a networking event minus any sort of dress code, zero selling & name badges with first names only. It's networking without any of the bullshit. We have a few drinks, bitch about work and listen to a talk from an inspiring speaker on something vaguely marketing-y for tips you can take back to the office and impress your boss with.

      In November we've got the venerable Tiffany Maddox from Rubber Republic talking and taking questions on what kinds of on-line videos work & why. If you fancy booking a ticket or want to find out more, check out the Eventbrite page.


      You already know that I thought the event was top notch, but I'm obviously quite biased. What I'd really like to know is what what you thought of it?

      Did the purple lighting make you nauseous? Did my taste in music make you nauseous? Do you have any speakers you'd like to recommend? Would you like to sponsor next year?

      Do tell us if there's anything we could have done better or if you thought it was perfect let us know. If we're doing something right we'd like to keep on doing it!

      Please fill out the feedback form below with any positive comments or constructive feedback you might have!

      [formidable id=15]


      If you'd like to suggest another venue or if you fancy speaking at or sponsoring next year's event, please drop me an email josh@noisylittlemonkey.com. I'd love to have a chat :)

      Josh Baldwin

      Inbound Manager @ Noisy Little Monkey, Josh blogs about SEO, Local & Mobile, HubSpot and Inbound Strategy.

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