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      Digital Buffet Wrap Up & Takeaway

      Digital Buffet Wrap Up & Takeaway Featured Image
      Published on Jul 18, 2014 by Sammy Payne

      First thing's first, everyone at Noisy Little Monkey would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended our inaugural Digital Buffet!

      In total around about 120 of you lovely people showed up for our talks, excluding the monkey crew (and Jon's Dad) which was an awesome turnout.

      Despite a few technical hitches with the projector and the Arnolfini's iffy Wifi, we thought the event was a great success!

      Digital Buffet 2014

      The Talks

      Here you will find, the slides, videos of the talks, and a transcript for those who are hearing and sight impaired.

      We hope these slides and videos will benefit your business and help to make Bristol just that little bit more awesome-er online.

      Dan Fallon



      PPC – “Google AdWords – How To Spend Less and Get More”



      Nicola Payne

      Nicola Payne


      Analytics – “Make Friends and Influence People with Google Analytics”




      Craig Pugsley



      Mobile UX – “Seeing The Whites of Their Eyes – Practical Tips for Lean User Testing”


      Gavin Thompson



      Old fashioned PR – “Successfully pitch your story to a journo… Then cut us out completely”


      Jon Payne

      Jon Payne


      Google Maps – “Local SEO – How To Drive Traffic From Maps & Mobile Devices”


      If you think you're creative online and want to share some nifty tricks, why not speak at the next event? Email sammy@noisylittlemonkey.com

      Can't wait to see you at the next one!

      Tweet any questions to us: @noisymonkey

      If you haven't filled out a feedback form yet, go do it! We will make the next one even better! Feedback form.

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