Does your website do this?

by Jon Payne

We've not posted much recently as we're preparing to move this blog on to the Noisy Little Monkey domain proper soon... if only paying work wouldn't keep getting in the way!

Anyway.... we couldn't resist sharing this with you, which we found originally on Andrew Girdwood's blog.

Try to remember as you're watching this video, that the guy in it is using Firefox 4 beta. ("Beta" versions of software are pretty much working versions that crash a lot, but organisations release them so uber geeks and clever people can report any bugs they find, prior to the official release. It's something that Microsoft clearly did with Windows 7, but not Vista or 2000). The current release that people are using is Firefox 3.6... and while most people don't have touch screens in the office or at home, they sure do on their iPhones and Androids.



Jon Payne
Jon Payne

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