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      Events for the discerning SEO in Bristol

      Events for the discerning SEO in Bristol Featured Image
      Published on Jul 1, 2016 by Claire Dibben

      Events and Meet-Ups for SEO Bristol

      Bristol. It's forever being voted top ten of the happiest/most liveable/least-London places to live on our occasionally-septic isle. We love Bristol and we love SEO. We love talking digital with our community here. Soooooo, here's our events and meet-ups listing for SEO and digital marketing in Bristol.  If you have an event to add, do give us a tinkle.

      November 2016

      Bristol WordPress People - Speaker: Gavin Strange of Aardman Animations - 1st Nov from 6.30pm

      The Bristol WordPress peeps welcome Gavin Strange, Senior Online Designer at Aardman Animations to their November meet-up in the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer. Gavin's worked on a ton of creative projects including the Gromit Unleashed and Shaun In The City art trails. This is a great chance to listen to Gavin share his stories from working on those projects and pick his brains on the process!  


      Bristol Digital Analytics Meet-Up - Tagging, Tracking, Analysing and Optimising - 3rd Nov from 6pm to 8pm

      Free beer and pizza welcomes you at the regular Bristol Digital Analytics Meet-Up. Held at the snazzy JustEat offices, the talk on Tagging, Tracking, Analysing and Optimising starts at 6.15pm with the opportunity to mingle afterwards.


      Mobile Monday Bristol - #9 Web Tools - 7th November from 6pm to 8.30pm

      This event takes a look at the latest web tools that are changing behaviours and making lives easier in and out of the workplace. The first speaker from Scafld will discuss web apps and tools. Up next is JustEat who will be presenting on how they are taking web tools in another direction with voice ordering. There will also be a panel discussion with Softwire who will be discussing the latest trends in web coding. 


      SWUX - UX: The Heart of Digital Transformation - 8th November from 6.45pm - 8.30pm

      The speaker this month is Al Barker, Head of UX at Sift Digital. He'll be arguing that it’s no longer enough to focus on just getting the end user experience right. Instead, you must look to educate and transform the staff within your organisation as they are the people who communicate with your users. 


      Collaborate Bristol Conference - 11th Nov from 9am to 5pm

      Collaborate Bristol is a one-day conference which covers the topics of UX, IA and Design . Expect a mix of practical and theoretical views from local experts and international businesses like AOL and Yell. It takes place this year in Bristol's Aquarium.


      Bristol Media - Social Media Week (#SMWiBristol) - 14th to 18th Nov

      The Global Conference that is Social Media Week is setting up camp for the week in Bristol. It's kind of a big deal. Amongst the keynote sessions from the likes of Buzzfeed, Facebook and Twitter there are also practical skill-up sessions and knowledge building masterclasses held by the likes of @porthjess and Foozie. Noisy Little Monkey are hosting an event too...it's sold out ;)


      TechSPARK - Morning Coffee and Networking - 17th November from 10.30am to 12 noon

      Come and meet others who work in tech at this regular monthly networking sesh.


      SWMobile - Backend as a Service - 23rd November from 7pm to 10pm

      More details (including location) to follow on this regular South West Mobile meet-up. 


      Ladies that UX Bristol - Let's Get Physical - 24th November from 6.3opm to 9.30pm

      Delivering a twist on their usual events, November's meet-up will take the form of a workshop. Kinneir Dufort will be hosting a series of mini workshops on the evening, which demonstrate how they design experiences that involve physical products using a user-centered design approach. Four rooms will be set up and attendees will spend time in each room, being encouraged to participate in research, innovation and design activities - exciting!




      October 2016

      Bristol WordPress People - Writing Coherent Web Content And Lightning Talks - 4th Oct from 6.30pm

      October's BWP event steams you through not one, not two, nope, not event three, but FOUR talks. Up first is Zach Goldie who will guide you on creating coherent content for your website. He'll be followed by three ten minute talks covering topics from custom meta fields to UX. Gather at the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer.


       Digital Gaggle - It's Not Me, It's UX (Conference) - 5th Oct from 8.30am - SOLD OUT

      James Caig, Leonie Watson and Jon Payne are just some of the speakers in attendance at the Autumnal Digital Gaggle conference. This month's theme is UX and you'll hear a range of topics covered from website redesign to remote user research. Your free ticket gets you access to this half day event and a free bacon sandwich. How wonderful! Held at the Colston Hall.



      SETsquared Workshop - What Is UX/UI and Why Is It Important? - 6th Oct from 2pm - 4pm

      This workshop session, led by Andy Fuller of Designbull, will help you understand the process behind creating an excellent user interface design for your website or application. You'll also have the chance to define your ideal user and understand how improving your UX can create a more engaging experience for your target audience. Head to the Engine Shed.



      SWmobile - Lightning Talk Night - 18th Oct 6.30pm - 9.30pm

      Lightning talks seems to be quite the trend this month! Still lots of details to be firmed up (including location...and date...hmmmm) but expect to soak up loads of information from the various speakers.



      #OiConf Online Influence Conference - 20th Oct 8am - 6.30pm

      #OiConf is an events series with a focus on social and mobile channels held at the Mercure Hotel. There's masterclasses on content marketing, video in social and the rise of chatbots. You'll also get to hear seven inspiring keynotes including IBM, Unilever and Adobe as well as breakfast networking and post-event drinks. 



      TechSPARK (Bristol) - Morning Coffee and Networking - 20thOct 10.30am - 12pm

      The title says it all: an informal meet-up giving you the chance to meet others who work in tech.



      Girl Geek Dinners and Ladies That UX - MeetUp - 20th Oct 7pm - 10pm

      Two women-only meet-ups join forces this October. Expect a UX focus with lots of friendly faces. This event is hosted at the verrrrrrry cool DeskLodge offices in Bristol.


      September 2016 

      GL Business Network - The Internet of Us: What does privacy mean in the Digital Age? - 1st Sept 1pm to 4.30pm 

      The second GL Business Network event invites you to debate privacy in the Digital Age. There'll even be a live, interactive phone hacking stage performance (oooooh, aaaaaaaaaah) AND you'll dip into the pages of the dark web. It's a free event at the Watershed but only 100 people can attend. Go, go, go!


      Bristol WordPress People - Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools and Going Beyond the Customiser - 6th Sept 6.30pm to 9.30pm 

      Expect an SEO themed talk on Google Analytics/Google Webmaster tools and a presentation on how to get more control over your website (without coding). As always, lots of opportunities to network with other WordPress peeps. Head to the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer to check it out.


      CodeHub Bristol - JavaScript 101 - 13th Sept 10am to 1pm

      Returning after the summer break, you can learn JavaScript in a group together. Most members of the group have a basic knowledge of how JavaScript works and work on projects both individually and together. Held in the Beatroot Cafe, this tech group offers a 'safe place' for testing your knowledge and learning from others.


      SWUX - Using UX and Data Storytelling to Inform Senior Management - 13th Sept 6.45pm to 8.30pm

      Taking place in Redcliff Quay, this meet-up sees Dan Brinnand (UX at Foreshore) take the stage. Dan will discuss why senior management don't engage with data that could be helping them to make better decisions and teach you how you can use storytelling to present your information in a much more engaging way.


      Digital Gaggle - Helpfulpeeps: Persona Pow Wow - 15th Sept 5.30pm to 8pm

      Do you know the importance of building your Buyer Personas? At this meet-up you'll join a workshop and help create personas for new social media network, Helpfulpeeps. Helping out a Bristol-based business and learning some skills along the way? Aren't you nice. This event is held at the new location of the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer on King Street.


      Ladies that UX - "Accidental design" using UX to transform services in mental health - 29th Sept from 6.30pm

      This one is for the ladies only! This meet-up promises lots of networking and experience-sharing between women working in UX. Katherine Garzonis (all the way from London) will be doing a talk on redesigning mental health services using UX principles.


      August 2016

      Bristol Wordpress People - Show and Tell and Ask and Help - 2nd August 2016 from 7pm

      Have you been building something in WordPress? This event does what it says on the tin. Show off what you've been creating, get it tested, ask a question and even get some feedback. Pretty handy, right?


      Bristol Digital Analytics - Connecting Digital Analytics with BI - 4th August 2016 - 6pm to 8pm

      A chance to get chatty with other analytics bods in Bristol, this time talking about connecting Digital Analytics with Business Intelligence (ooooh, fancy). The event follows the usual set-up: talk at 6.15pm followed by some mingling.


      .NET South West - Google Cloud Platform by Chris Bacon (Google Engineer) - 16th August 2016 from 6.30pm

      Chris will talk about what Google Cloud Platform is, a bit about its history, how it’s implemented, how they currently support .NET platform and developers, and what’s planned for the future.


      SWMobile - August meet-up - 23rd August 2016 at 7pm

      At the time of writing, the location for August's meet-up is still TBC. Expect the usual SWMobile meet-up structure: a handful of excellent speakers, the chance to discover new ideas and a place to learn and share from your experiences with other great minds in the tech industry.


      July 2016

      SWUX - Research Analysis: Getting more out of your Data - 12th July 2016 (Evening)

      We usually meet for a chat, networking, general conversation, and we have a UX design related slide presentation/talk/workshop with time for questions etc.


      UX Bristol – 15th July 2016 (Daytime)

      At time of writing, UX Bristol hadn't published the schedule for this summer's event, but with last year's conference incorporating such intriguing themes as 'hypothesis sketching', 'icon consequences' and 'Robert De Niro: UX Hero' I'd give them a follow or keep checking their site for deets in the approach to ticket sales in May. 


      Techie Brekkie: Growth Hacking - Lean marketing for startups - 19th July 2016 (Morning)

      The roles of marketing and engineering are colliding to focus on customer experience. ‘Growth Hackers’ are a new breed of technical marketers, utilising emerging technology in an analytical, creative and tenacious manor.


      Digital Gaggle - Converting Prospects, Crushing Targets -  19th July 2016 (Evening)

      A monthly marketing meet up with a digital focus, in a cool bar with nibbles and booze -  this month the speaker is Managing Director of Prolific Solutions, Paula Horton. She knows a thing or two about converting leads into sales and, because she’s just so darn lovely, she’s going to tell you exactly how she does it.


      Bristol Digital Analytics - Discussion on CRO Analytics: How to continually optimise - 20th July 2016 (Evening)

      The 16th meetup is CRO themed, so we will discuss how to continually optimise.
      There will be a short talk at 6:15 and then the opportunity to mingle.


      SW Mobile - RxJava and Reactive app with Realm on iOS - 26th July 2016 (Evening)

      A meet up for the geekier end of our circle of friends, brilliant gathering to meet clever people and eat pizza. This month they're focusing on some of the newer programming paradigms in mobile reactive programming.


      Bristol Digital Analytics - Discussion on SEO Analytics: How to report & improve performance - 27th July 2016 (Evening)

      The 19th meetup is SEO themed, so we will discuss how to report & improve SEO performance.
      There will be a short talk at 6:15 and then the opportunity to mingle.


      Want your event listed here? Get in touch - we'll get you sorted.


      By Steve Gregory - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1434348

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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