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      Get your hands on #FreeCREATIVE at Digital Gaggle

      Get your hands on #FreeCREATIVE at Digital Gaggle Featured Image
      Published on Sep 15, 2017 by Claire Dibben

      At the last Digital Gaggle conference, our friends and event sponsors  t&s creative communications gave delegates the chance to win a share of 200 hours of their time FOR FREE. That’s the equivalent of £20k worth of work for nowt. Generous, right?

      They loved getting stuck into providing #FreeCREATIVE for delegates so they’ve decided to do it all over again at the conference on Wednesday 7th November. Lovely stuff.

      How can you get some #FreeCREATIVE?

      All you need to do to get your hands on some #FreeCREATIVE is hand over a creative brief of how you would use those hours to transform an aspect of your brand. Details on exactly how to do that are right here.

      As well as accepting the briefs online, you can submit your requests on the day - they’ll be the guys and girls with the green clip boards. At the last conference, t&s creative communications received 26 briefs, with a surprising proportion of these being handwritten on the day!

      The winners from the last event were picked based on the quality of their briefs: the more creative and better the brief, the more free hours that organisation received. t&s creative communications then revealed the lucky winners on social media; they included a wide variety of businesses from a local charity, a festival organiser, a coffee manufacturer, a solicitor’s firm, and a group of accountants.

      t&s employee chatting to Digital Gaggle attendee

      the t&s creative communications team at the last Digital Gaggle conference

      Top tips for getting your brief picked for some #FreeCREATIVE

      What can you do?

      • Exploit t&s creative communications’ creative talents – show them how you will push them to the boundaries of their talents
      • Be nice, it costs nothing
      • Have fun, let’s face it, when else are you going to get a shed load of creative ideas for free?
      • Be honest
      • Don’t ask for unreasonable deadlines
      • Be realistic – you won’t get a fully produced corporate video, no matter how nice you are.

       Just to prove what t&s creative communications' #FreeCREATIVE can do for you, we asked some previous winners what they thought and how they have used their free hours...  

       Who won?

       Snapshot of the briefs

      Beyond the Bean - Branding for The World of Coffee (WOC) trade show in Amsterdam 2018

      Beyond the Bean wanted to develop a distinct look and feel of their logo for the WOC trade show which would also work across a range of on and offline assets including events stands and supporting merchandise. A key request was to avoid the typical coffee imagery.

      The client loved the logo so much it has been kept under wraps until early 2018 when there will be a big reveal!

      DKA - Creative branding workshop

      DKA wanted to find out how their current brand was perceived and therefore chose t&s creative communications' branding workshop, which allowed for exploration of the current position of the brand and identified how the brand should position themselves going forward.

      Several hours, and a few laughs later, t&s had created the beginnings of a brand strategy which they are looking forward to developing further with the DKA team.

      Workshop held by t&s creative communications

      Workshop held by t&s creative communications 

       Ben Spencer Events - New logo for the Bristol Coffee Festival

      The overall aim of this was to help generate interest and fundamentally: funding. When t&s creative communications first came across Ben, they found themselves pretty much working with a blank canvas as he not only didn’t have a brand – but he also didn't have a name either!  

      Following some free hours spent on some branding ideas, Ben has come away with some shiny new branding and is busy preparing for next year’s event.

      t&s creative communications branding for festival of coffeet&s creative communications branding work for Bristol Festival of Coffee 

      COODES - Re-brand

      #FreeCREATIVE was the perfect opportunity for Coodes to see what a full-service agency can do. The brief was a challenge to re-fresh their look and feel.

      Ideas have been very well received from COODES and we’re delighted to report that they are hoping to move the project forward soon.


      Here’s what some of the winners had to say about their experience of working with t&s creative communications…

      “We were lucky enough to win 20 hours of free creative from t&s creative communications.

      We kicked off the process with an initial fact-finding session (and Easter egg hunt) at their studio where we talked about everything from how our clients perceived our brand to the correct pronunciation of ‘Nutella’.

      Our team then spent a whole afternoon with Emma and Ryan enjoying some really interesting and scarily accurate workshops and role-playing sessions. While we were having all the fun, Emma and Ryan were analysing our conclusions, they really know their stuff and they’ve come back to us with a raft of information and some great ideas about how we can strengthen our brand and place it in front of the organisations we want to do business with.”

      David Munday | Practice Manager and Company Secretary at DKA

       “I just wanted to drop an email to say thank you so much for the wonderful work presented today. We’ve shared it with the team who are really pleased with the results – unfortunately, for me they like two different options!”

      Helen Ostle | Head of Brand and Marketing at Beyond the Bean

        "Working with t&s creative communications as part of #FreeCREATIVE has been a dream. They have been enormously generous with their time and expertise. They listened carefully to our brief and really threw themselves into the challenge we set, responding with some brilliant, original ideas that have radically transformed our brand for the better. They have been patient, flexible and understanding throughout the process, a joy to work with. We were fortunate to meet them!"

      Ben Spencer | Producer - Events & Creative Projects at Ben Spencer Events 

      So… whether you write, type or draw your brief, you’d have to be crazy to miss out on this amazing opportunity for your business! 
      For more details on how to submit your brief on the day of the conference on Thursday 19th September head to the t&s creative communications website right here. Or, why not chat to them on the day? Just grab your ticket to Digital Gaggle below.

      Claire Dibben

      Events & Marketing Manager Claire writes about events, and, uh, marketing.

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