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Getting a small hotel website to the top of Google

Posted in portfolio by Jon Payne on 16-Feb-2010 08:04:08

No 1 in natural search, no 3 in Maps & no 2 in AdWords

"I got no bookings with my old website and since we're set up to be an 'automated hotel' that was a problem. Since Jon Payne and the Noisy Little Monkey team have taken over and shown me what I need to do, we get 95% of our bookings through the website and our occupancy is over 85%.

We don't use booking engines like Late Rooms, or Expedia, so we don't pay their high commissions. We simply have a website that has been designed to feature highly in Google's organic results, an AdWords campaign that Noisy Little Monkey set up and trained us to manage, plus a really great listing in Google Maps"

So says Shaun, the manager of Hotel24Seven, a revolutionary hotel in the centre of Bristol.

With a no 1 ranking on Google for this search term and a top 3 ranking (in organic listings, map listings and AdWords) for a number of others, like most of our customers, Hotel24Seven are a small business out-performing the corporates in a very competitive market.

Noisy Little Monkey are in the process of redesigning the website following "The Formula" to convert even more visitors into customers, so watch this space...


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Jon Payne

Jon Payne

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