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Google AdWords Trademark Policy Revision

Posted in SEO, Posted in ppc, Posted in portfolio by Jon Payne on 16-May-2008 13:42:00

Interesting news arrived recently from the Google AdWords Policy bods.

The policy used to be that you could not use the trademarks in the text or sponsored keywords of your adverts, unless you owned them. While the policy remains that you cannot use someone else's trademark in your ad text, the revised policy now allows you to bid for trademarked terms in your sponsored keywords.

So my client who sells second hand Portakabins can now use the word Portakabins in his sponsored search listing and furthermore my customers who run a beauty clinic in Ringwood can sponsor words like Botox for their adverts.

Now, there's lots of people all getting worked up over this and saying it's essentially the end of days and we'll all perish in a burning trademark shaped law suit, but really the question is; How can this benefit your business.

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Jon Payne

Jon Payne

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