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Thank you to everyone who came to the City of Bath College session on Google Analytics & the Law on 16 October 2015 - it was a fantastic group with some great questions!

This set of resources would be useful to anyone interested in a broad introduction to Analytics plus additional supporting materials. Although, if you are in the Bristol/Bath area, why not simply come along to the next session at the College?

The presentation

Other resources

As we went through the day we discussed various different articles, websites and resources, this is the list I gathered:

Professor Traffic : this is our link tracking tool - it's free; others are available. Use this to track links back to your website from anywhere that you publish a URL - social channels, email signatures, banner ads etc

WTF is Semalt : this blog is specifically on blocking Semalt; this one on the bigger issue of Ghost Referrer Spam (buttons-for-websites etc etc).

Digital Marketing & Measurement Model : this is the blog by Avinash Kaushik that I use to provide a focus for the measurement framework. If you are in a marketing team, read this blog as it will inspire you. Read a few of Avinash's blogs and you'll be able to pitch for a bigger marketing budget. This is a brilliant resource.

Digital Analytics Fundamentals : this is a training resource created by the Google Analytics team that takes you through the fundamentals of Analytics. A number of you mentioned account set up as an objective of the day, but unfortunately we raced through this element at a breakneck speed on Friday: if you work on lots of Analytics accounts (eg freelancers, agencies, marketing teams within international businesses) then I'd highly recommend Unit 4 which covers set up in some detail, including filters and goals. This is where you'll find the video we didn't have time to watch.

Despite its 'fundamentals' title, I'd particularly recommend this if you've been working on Analytics for a while - it's a bit 'dense' in places and if you haven't played around with Analytics then it's easy to miss important elements.

Think with Google : this is Google's thought leadership and research resource. It's a great place to spend a lunch break - it's packed with cool tools like the Customer Journey to Online Purchase modelling too, plus infographics and industry research. It's a fascinating insight into the reach and aspiration of Google.

Demographics & Interests set up : this is the support material on how to set up the demographics and interests sections in Analytics. If you remember we discussed that this has implications on your cookie policy - it's worth reading this support material from AdWords about how affinity categories are used to target ads to understand why it's important and the Google policy requirements for collecting data for ad targeting including what should go into your cookie policy.

Cookie Audit Tool : thanks to Sue from TouchPoint Design for sending this link across - it's the cookie audit tool that helps you craft your cookie policy. Nice.

Ecommerce Terms & Conditions : turns out there are loads of different Ts&Cs generators out there and I've completely forgotton which one I've used in the past. Sorry chaps. Just Google it and take your pick.

Introduction to AdWords : this is a link to the advertisers introduction to AdWords, which is fine in terms of selling you the benefits, but less good in teaching best practice set up. If you are serious about AdWords, then there's another set of learning materials I'd recommend - the AdWords Fundamentals study materials - this leads to the AdWords exams to become an AdWords Certified Partner. You can use the study materials whether or not you do the exam.

Whatever you do, don't start an AdWords campaign without a voucher for clicks usually something like spend £120 and get £120 for free. These vouchers are everywhere - I've got a couple in my inbox if you need one and it does at least mitigate the risk of trying AdWords. The AdWords team actively supports new users - just remember, they are not your friends, they are there to make you spend money!

Did I forget anything? Or are there other resources you'd like to share? If so, let me know.

Well, I would, wouldn't I . . .

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Nicola Payne

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