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      Google Analytics: ROI Tips to Harness the Power of Data

      Google Analytics: ROI Tips to Harness the Power of Data Featured Image
      Published on Jul 27, 2017 by Joanne Norris

      If you follow us on any of the social medias you’ll probably have noticed us banging on about ROI rather a lot (that’s Return on Investment, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention). To help you calculate it, there are some Google Analytics tricks that can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with how to use it.

      Even though the formula for calculating ROI is pretty scary-looking (and may induce unpleasant flashbacks to your teen algebra days), it’s kind of a big deal if you want to actually keep track of whether your marketing efforts are paying off.

      Feeling ready to give this whole ROI malarkey a go? Well, as we've said, you’ll need to learn how to navigate the endless, godforsaken mire that is Google Analytics.*

      Luckily for you, we are just so damn helpful and have compiled a list of all our Google Analytics training blogs to take all the pain out of the process. Refer back here for any analytic query that you have, and we’ll point you in the right direction so that calculating your ROI becomes a breeze. You can thank us later!

      *JK it’s not that bad, we just need to pretend it’s super complicated so you keep reading. We’ve gotta think about our own clicks as well, yknow!

      How Do People Find My Website?

      Measuring website sessions by source is one of the first things you’ll wanna learn on Google Analytics, as it helps you to see where people are clicking through to your website from. Are they organic leads, looking specifically for your name on Google, or are they finding you via your social media accounts?

      Which Pages Are Bringing People To My Website?

      When you’ve been hard at work flexing your wordsmith muscles to produce epic content, it’s okay to desire some validation. For some, that may be winning the Man Booker Prize…  but in the world of digital, that validation is gonna come from CLICKS. So let’s see which of your masterpieces are bringing people to your website.

      Filtering Traffic From Your Office

      Got a sneaking suspicion that your traffic data isn’t quite right? You’ll probably want to filter traffic from your office so that it’s not showing up alongside your actual sales leads and giving you a wonky view of how many real visitors you have. Why strain your brain on ROI formulas if your data is wrong in the first place, eh?

      Do I Need To Invest In A Better Mobile Website?

      The number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet overtook desktop usage aaages ago - so having a website that is mobile responsive is a big deal. We’ll show you how to tell if yours needs a facelift so you’re not losing out on any potential investment gains by scaring them away with a dodgy mobile site.

      Young woman throwing phone in anger

      Sales Lead Sources

      The point of calculating ROI is to figure out how effective your work is, so you’ll want to know which websites are driving visitor traffic to yours, and how much of that traffic is converting into genuine sales leads. This is specifically where people have found you by clicking a link that refers from a different website. If you’re thinking about traffic from Google/Twitter etc you’ll want to know which marketing activity is driving leads, which is an entirely different kettle of fish. Which leads me nicely on to...

      Which Marketing Activities Drive Sales?

      So you’ve figured out how many leads you’re getting from other websites, but what about the leads being generated from your own marketing activities? If you’re spending most of your marketing budget on Twitter but not seeing that much interaction, this blog will help you figure out which platform your leads are coming from and whether you should re-jig your work accordingly.

      Annotating Digital Marketing Activity

      Did you know you can annotate your digital marketing activity on Google Analytics? It’s a pretty nifty feature as it allows you to leave notes for fellow colleagues to explain what’s gwanin’ so you don’t have to spend precious hours telling everyone on your team the same information a million times.

      Quick AdWords Fix For Better ROI?

      Not seeing the results you’d like with your PPC campaign? In this blog we go through a cheeky little AdWords fix so you can improve your ROI and get more bang for your buck.

      Which AdWords Groups Give The Best ROI?

      Don’t throw away money with your AdWords on groups that aren’t performing well - we can walk you through how to use Google Analytics to see which AdGroups are providing the best ROI and which need to be rejuvenated.

      And lastly…


      We have all suffered the pain that is a computer malfunction just as everything seems to be going so swimmingly. Thankfully we’ve got this handy little Google Analytics troubleshooting guide for you just in case you have a technical disaster - we got yo back!

      With all this, hopefully calculating your ROI will no longer send you into a cold sweat - just breathe, go through our training and it will all be hunky dory. Trust. If you're still not convinced, download the guide below and you will be master of ROI in no time!


      Joanne Norris

      Joanne is Junior Digital Account Executive at Noisy Little Monkey. She's an English Lit grad with a passion for a carefully crafted communication. Basically, girl can word good.

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