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Google PageRank Update - 27th September 2008

Posted in SEO, Posted in News by Jon Payne on 27-Sep-2008 09:29:00

Looks like there's been another PageRank update from Google. I've been waiting sometime for big update, so I'm really pleased!

N.B. If you're not sure what your site's PageRank is, you can learn that here: What is my Google PageRank? and if you want some ideas on how to improve it, you can find those here: Improve Your PageRank.

Anyhow - back to the PageRank update - what's happened? Well, I've found that the majority of sites I'm working on have got a greatly improved PageRank for many of their deeper pages within the site. However in some cases, sites showing these results have seen the PageRank for the home page drop by a factor of 1.

While this alarmed me at first, looking at the bigger picture, if the pages deeper within the site have a better PageRank, then it means that Google is likely to direct more traffic with 'long tailed keywords' to these pages, rather than to the web site's home page. In my experience, this makes the visitor 50-75 % more likely to buy / enquire / download or whatever. So, it all looks rosy!

It should be said that a high Google PageRank by no means guarantees a high placement in Google's results pages and equally, a low PageRank isn't all bad news. However, the general rule of thumb is the higher the better if you want to sell your products and services online.

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